Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tools of the Trade XVII

This is a wooden spatula that I got in the dollar aisle at Target. Have I mentioned that I like that aisle? I always have to walk through because you never know what interesting items they will have that can be converted to spanking use. One has to be creative but that's what makes it fun.

This is a very stingy implement. It's thin and one side rounded off. It is similar to a ruler in that it's thin and wooden but there are no edges because they have been smoothed. It is long enough to smack both cheeks at once but short enough to have very good control. Because it is thin it leaves a good surface sting but it won't cause a lot of bruises.

It's thin enough that I suspect it will break one day but that's why I bought two!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts Please

OK a little survey...

Lets say there was an adorable little brat who liked to play a particular online computer game. I'd say quasi-addicted. Then lets say a bet was made that she would stop playing the game for a week. Then the next day, her computer failed and she won't be able to be online for a couple weeks.

Due to the fact she can't play anyway, some think the bet should be nullified or postponed. Some others (the aforementioned brat perhaps) think the bet should stand as an automatic win for her.

What do the readers think? I have a poll on the side there and also welcome any thoughts people have.

Especially if they are on the right side of the debate!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FMS Adventures V

Later that same day, I met up with Ginger and her husband Zed. Ginger and I have been aware of each other's web presence in various arenas for years but this party was our first time to meet. And today was our first time to play.

She had had a pretty good session earlier in the day so she requested I start lightly and see how it went. I'm always in favor of starting lightly, especially with someone new. We needed to feel each other out. She dropped her shorts and we started out with a nice long OTK hand spanking. Starting lightly and slowly increasing the intensity.

It was a nice scene where we chatted throughout the first part of the spanking and we had a chance to get acquainted on a more direct level I guess you could say.

After she had an idea of how I spank and she was nicely warmed up I switched to my new strap from the London Tanner. I was really getting the feel for this item and figuring out the best way to hold it, the aim etc. It is a short strap but it always takes a little practice. Her bottom was a nice rich red by this point.

I eventually used the new meanie strap and it really gave Ginger a nice sting (so I heard anyway). I really like this new tool. From there I also used my handy-dandy shadowlane paddle which is similar to a hairbrush. This device sunk in and I got some reactions from her. This scene was at least 30 minutes in length and at the end her bottom was quite red and hot. We both had a great time with this one and it was nice getting to know this fun couple.

During this spanking Zed was snapping pictures from many different angles. It was pretty neat feeling like I was at a photo shoot...I've not been photographed spanking a whole lot. Zed has a very nice camera and got some fantastic pics. He even shot a couple videos that came out nice, but the sound is not fully synchronized. He is going to mess with it some and see if he can put them together and if so, I may post at least one.

It was getting close to time for the dinner so it was time to let everyone get ready. I heard there was a late-afternoon Spankopoly game brewing downstairs so I figured I might as well stop by...

Friday, June 19, 2009


By the time I got up Saturday morning I knew it was too much fun to leave early Sunday so I called and pushed my flight back to Sunday PM. I took a quick walk on the beach and waded in the warm water. When they say Beach Party they mean it LOL

Later that afternoon I had a meeting with Short4ever. As we started she announced that she is a fan of wood. This is not something I hear a lot and seeing as how I too like wood paddles, I knew this was going to be fun.

We had a long warm up spanking and I had a chance to try out some of their various implements they brought along. Of special interest to me was the Jokari paddle. I had heard about these and was intrigued.

Apparently Jokari is a paddle type game and the paddle itself is rather thick and looks like a cross between a ping pong paddle and a racket ball racket. It really felt good in my hand...very balanced. I gave her a nice sound spanking with this little gem. I also had the opportunity to try out my new ruler strap and my meanie. Yes, the reactions tend to show that it is a little mean.

S4E and I had a nice scene and a good, sound spanking but nothing over the top. We had a great conversation about the psychology of spanking. The idea of really looking at the people involved with spanking as actual people and not just automatically classifying spanking as an abnormal behavior. She spoke about doing some scientific research on this in her studies and I hope that pans out. You should be hearing more about this in my blog because I have always wanted to see some real study on this interest that does not begin with a bias against those of us with the proclivity to spank.

That's all for tonight but more will be coming on the party. In the meantime I will probably be searching ebay for a Jokari paddle...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FMS Party Adventures III

After the Vendor Fair/Reception, I went upstairs to the suite parties. These were well done and very welcoming. I have to admit I do much better in small groups or one on one so the big group deals like this are bit much for me. Everyone was very nice and the organizers did a lot to make people feel welcome. Pizza was served at midnight and it was a hit as you may imagine.

At this event I had the chance to meet up with Emily and discuss her bratting me earlier in the evening. We were able to snag a bedroom and I gave her a nice hand spanking on her skirt, panties and bare bottom. Nothing too heavy but still a firm spanking. It seems that some time OTK convinced her of the error of her bratting ways (for 5 minutes anyway). It was just really nice to play with her and meet in person after we had been chatting for well over a year.

After a piece of pizza I went down to the room of Zed and Ginger. There was a group of us...Todd & Suzy, Short4Ever & Siege, Richard W, Iggy and a couple others I think. Ginger was another person I had sort of known online for years, from my days on the Classics message board. It was fun to meet and talk finally. At this late-night party, Zed unveiled his newest implement...a cricket bat! This thing was huge and not really good as a serious spanking implement; but oh what a novelty. Ginger offered up her jean-covered bottom for it to be christened. Richard, being the British representative did the honors. He was very careful with it, but you could tell this thing had major league thud.

Zed also has a replica of a Canadian Prison Strap that he is very adept at using. Iggy had a birthday recently so it was decided it was time for her birthday spanking. OK maybe the birthday was in April....but hey, it's a spanking party! She bent over a chair and received her whacks. Iggy was obviously nervous, yet curious to feel this strap so I give her kudos for stepping up to the plate and challenging herself.

Zed wielded the strap (think big) with care and the birthday spanking was a success. I can only imagine what this strap is like when used with more room for a full swing.

By this time it was late and I went back to the room to rest up for another day of spanking hijinks

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FMS Party Adventures II

I checked in Friday afternoon. I ended up with a beach front one bedroom suite which was a lot of room for one person but well worth the money. Unfortunately Kat was unable to attend due to some life stuff so I was on my own. I got all unpacked and prepared for the weekend. I went downstairs and registered for the party, got my calendar of events and was good to go.

First up was the Vendor's Fair and Reception. The food was pretty good and I walked around to all the tables. I knew I wanted to get a new tool and there were so many to choose from. Around this time I met two people who I had been talking to on the internet for quite a while. They just happened to run into me at about the same time, though they apparently had met the night before. Keagan and Emily had some kind of strange brat vibe going and both managed to brat me at the same time, in much the same ways.

I ran into both several times during this event, sometimes together and sometimes apart. Suffice to say that by the end of the evening they had used up a lot of old man jokes and they were both due a spanking. It was cool to finally meet both of them. The banter was fun and lively.

This event featured a spanking scavenger hunt which allowed me to meet several ladies and give several quick how do you do spankings. It was meant as an ice breaker and it achieved this purpose. I didn't come close to filling up my sheet but I didn't was just a blast.

I ended up with two new tools. I had been wanting to upgrade my collection of leather stuff (plus I had a personal request) so bought this neat item from London Tanners. The proprietor, Ian, makes great quality stuff and I figured I should get the best.

The girls running the booth were most accommodating and let me try out a few of the items as I decided which one to get. It came down to the ruler paddle and a round paddle. I now wish I had gotten both. I might also add that Ian is one of the party organizers and is an extremely gracious host.

I also purchased this curious item called a Meanie. Based on the reaction it got later in the weekend, it may be aptly named. It came from an outfit called Treats and Consequences which also sold some sugary/cinamonny looking goodies on the other end of the table.

I'll have Tools of the Trade write ups about these as I go along.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FMS Party Adventures I

This year I attended the Florida Moonshine spanking party for the first time. In a word...awesome. My best time I've had at a party. OK, so I've only gone to 3 but still very fun.

I wasn't going to check into the hotel until Friday, but I had some time to myself Thursday night and couldn't wait to check it out. I figured I'd head over to the hotel and I'd find someone I knew. Either that or I'd hear some sounds of spanking and know I was in the right place. Even if I didn't find anyone that night I'd at least know where it was and get a feel for the place.

The hotel is very nice and had very much a beachy kind of resort feel to it. Very laid back. I went and had a Blue Moon at the Tiki bar by the pool and just sort of checked out the scene. After the beer I walked over and noticed Todd and Suzy of the American Spanking Society finishing dinner at the outdoor cafe. I had met them at the Shadowlane party and in fact was bratted by Suzy via IM not too long before this. We chatted for a while and eventually a bunch of folks headed over to their room.

There a group of us played Spankopoly. This is basically a Monopoly game that has been designed with spanking in mind. Todd and Suzy have put a lot of work and thought into this game and it was quite fun. I plays just like a real monopoly game with properties and rents etc, but all the properties are spanking related...Bare Bottom Way for instance. Instead of a jail, there is a woodshed, that kind of thing. All the cards you draw are spanking related and bottoms who play get spanked instead of paying money and tops pay the money.

The spankings are fairly tame so no one gets overwhelmed, but after a while they add up. If you haven't seen this before...go to the American Spanking Society blog and check it out. They will even personalize a game for you if you want:

We had a great time at this and as the time went on, more people came and went. Not all of whom did I get to meet. Richard Windsor came in and so did Iggy and Munchkin. They didn't play the game at this time but we had a blast talking and everyone was excited to be there. During this game I had the chance to give a spanking to Suzy and to K from Dakota. They were the two resident bottoms in attendance and everyone just had fun.

I had to work the next day so I couldn't stay...though I left much later than I had planned.

I was tired the whole next day but I had a smile on my face looking forward to the adventures that were to come over the weekend......

Monday, June 8, 2009

More to Come...

OK...I've been gone awhile. Been rather busy with the boring non-spanko parts of life. But...I did have the pleasure of attending an excellent party this weekend. This is just a little teaser, but I'll be doing some posts about my adventures in FL soon. Stay tuned

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just For Fun Part II

Part 2

A few minutes later I had changed roles to her household guardian. (I am a little squicked about being 'daddy' so I prefer guardian or uncle in these situations.)

I was sitting at my desk in my study when I answered a phone call from the school. "Yes, that's me." "Oh?". Lara came in as I had a one way conversation, she didn't look very happy. "Oh she did huh? I see. OK. Yes, I agree. Yes, we will discuss it tonight as well. Thank you for the call and I promise you she will be on time and very well-behaved tomorrow in school"

"Lara" "Umm, yes?" "That was the vice principal of your school on the phone." She just looked at me. "He says you skipped school again. Is this true?" "Ummm, yes" she said so softly that I could barely hear. "And it has been multiple offenses. What happened at school, Lara? "I, uh, uh." "Lara...tell me what happened at the principal's office."

"I got paddled."

"It seems like we talked about this last month, when you got put on detention. What did I tell you would happen if you got paddled at school young lady?" "That I'd get it again at home...."

"That's right Lara...I told you if you get punished at school you'd get spanked at home. Just like when you were younger. "But, but I'm too old" "You're not too old to act up and skip school so you're not too old to go over my knee." I sat on the bed and pulled her over my lap.

I began spanking her lightly on her shorts and scolded her. "I can't believe you're here back over my knee. I guess you didn't think I'd actually do it." "Umm no, I'm too old for this, let me up." "Nope" I punctuated the word with a hard smack. "It's time you learned a lesson." I peppered the seat of her shorts with some good sound smacks and then pulled them to her knees.

I could see some pinkness on her cheeks, not sure if it was from the paddle or the hand spanks. I spread a liberal dose of swats to her undies, getting progessively harder. "Little girl you have to go to class, SMACK this behavior will not be tolerated." SMACK "I'm sorrrrry." SMACK

I rested my hand on her behind and scolded her. "I plan on making sure you go to every class from now on." I slipped the undies to her knees slowly. " Oh no, please." "Yes, bad girls get spanked on the bare bottom." I gave her a good sound hand spanking on her bare cheeks and spread the spanks around scolding playfully as I went. Once her butt was nice and red I sent her to the corner to admire my handiwork.

"OK Lara, I almost think you've learned your lesson." "Almost?" I grabbed the ping pong paddle and sat back down. I think of this as being a very domestic type implement and perfect for this scene. I put her back over my knee and spanked her good over both cheeks and a little to the sit spot. "If this ever happens again you will be one sorry young lady" "I'm sorry, it won't...I promise." "Next time it will be the belt too, is that understood?" "Ohhh yes sir." Once her bottom was nice and red I sent her back to the corner.

"Young lady you are hereby grounded for 2 weeks as well."

I sat back on the bed and smiled. I think her first role play experience was fun for us both.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Corporal Caribbean

Hi Folks. I'm back after a fairly long absence. I was out of town for work then went on vacation. The semi-regular posting will continue now and I have some good content in the works.

Starting with a cruise I recently took with a very naughty young lady who just couldn't seem to keep herself out of trouble.....

The weather was beautiful the whole time and we checked out several interesting islands and all around had a great time in the sun. Miss Kat tried her best (OK, maybe not at all) to behave herself properly but ended up getting some rather stern ship-board spankings.....

It was challenging to give a good spanking on a cruise ship filled with literally thousands of people. However I can be pretty adaptable and I was able to redden her bottom reasonably well and never had a noise complaint. Of course, not one we heard about. We just had to turn the TV up fairly loud and stick to the old-fashioned hand and a couple hairbrushes for the needed discipline. I was a little concerned about bringing any really suspicious looking spanking tools. I knew they would be searching the bags looking for smuggled liquor, so I stuck to the hairbrushes and a ping pong paddle.....

We wanted to try a beach side spanking for a variety of reasons (think wet bathing suits, tan lines etc). However we never got a chance to be alone enough onshore to get any spankings in the surf completed. There were certainly plenty of shenanigans to warrant several spanking sessions but in the public spaces of the ship and the touristy places I couldn't do a lot about it right away. I almost think she used that fact to her advantage.

So the naughty brat had to wait until we were back to feel the wrath of a determined palm and hairbrush.

Then to do her cabin corner time....

Of course just finding room to stand in the corner in a cruise cabin can be a challenge too LOL

All in all a great trip!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tools of the Trade XVI

This is my official spanking chair. I am very much interested in the old-fashioned aspects of spanking. Correct positioning, the rituals and of course the straight-backed wooden chair. To me this is a very traditional image which reminds many of us of good old-fashioned spankings.

I chose this chair for just this purpose. It's austere and very solid. It provides me a very good base on which to place the naughty young lady across my lap. It is also sturdy enough to use the seat as a place for the disciplinee to place her hands when bending her over for a formal paddling.

Over the knee is my favorite position and this chair is perfect for it. I have spanked in a variety of locations and have used many different types of seats. Sometimes for protracted spankings or if the spankee has a back problem for instance, a bed or couch works well. I think it's important to be adaptive.

But in a perfect world, a solid wood chair is the perfect place to sit to give a sound OTK spanking!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Because 2

I began by spanking her briskly with my hand on her panties. Since the paint stirrer and school paddle had warmed her nicely I started with firm smacks with my hand. Then I switched to my wooden hairbrush type paddle and sprinkled those all around. Her bottom was light red and obviously stinging as she jumped around some from that. Then down came the panties and I made sure to turn her whole bottom nice and crimson.

I sent her to the corner to cool for a moment and pulled some stuff out of my bag. Back over my knee she went for a nice dose of the rubber paddle. This is not her fave but I wanted Mary to have a sore bottom to take home.

After this there were a few more trips to the corner, a few more trips over my knee and a couple times bent over the desk.

By the end I had used quite a collection of tools on her tush:

Mary likes it fairly hard and although I was accused of 'being mean today' a few times; she ended up with hind area that was nice and uniformly red.

She even asked for a few with the belt to end things up so I know I didn't go too hard after all ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Because

These are some paint stirrers a spankee friend of mine gave me last summer. The bottom ones are pretty thin and break easily. Since these items are not designed to be spanking tools they don't last too long, but can also be some fun seeing how long they'll stand up to the wear and tear. The top ones are quite a bit thicker and take a little more effort to snap..though it can be done, with a little elbow grease ;)....

A local friend came over recently and it seems she wanted a spanking. She didn't really deserve one or need one due to misbehavior, rather it had just been awhile and she wanted one just because she did. Luckily for her I am quite accommodating of my spankable friends who make such requests.

Mary had noticed these paint sticks hanging around before and asked if we could try them out. After a few minutes of talking about how one is more sturdy than the other, it became a goal to break one of each. I started over her jeans with the thick one, since the thin ones break so fast I might as well use it on the bare to get any sting at all with it. I had her bend over the desk and proceeded to give her several dozen good whacks with it making sure to spread them out.

Eventually she began to feel it and squirm a little as the smacks got harder. About this time the poor thing began to disintegrate.

It was one time I wished I was video taping the spanking because for a few minutes there were splinters flying all around the room....

It ended up making quite the mess but the goal was achieved. The thicker paint stick had broken for the most part and Mary was feeling a good sting in her jeans.

After a quick dozen swats with the school paddle for standing up before directed (a spanking is a spanking after all, even if it was given Just Because); I had her pull the jeans down since the warm up was well under way....

At that point I took her over my knee and began a more traditional kind of spanking beginning with my hand and a wooden paddle that resembles a hairbrush.

I'll post later about the balance of the spanking and the colorful results but here is a sample...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just For Fun...a Role Playing Story

Just For Fun

A lot of the spankings I have given have been for disciplinary reasons, however sometimes it's fun to give one just for fun....

Lara has been disciplined by me before but it had been a few months. In fact I gave her her first two disciplinary experiences. She had a couple bad experiences with discipline (with someone else) so the last time I was in her town she wasn't ready for a real discipline spanking. However she was up for some fun. At 19 she was going to experience her first role playing spanking.

Since she was new to it and didn't really have a preference...we decided to go with my favorite one to play. It's based on a naughty school girl type theme with a twist :)

I played the role of the assistant principal in charge of discipline. I sat at the desk in the hotel room and acted busy. I responded to the knock with a 'yes, come in'. I was greeted by a nervous and naughty student who had a referral note in her hand. "You're here again, Lara". "Um, yes sir". I took the note from her and read it." "Skipping class again young lady? " Well I had some things to take care of and..." " I stopped her. Miss, you need to come to school every day...weren't you given detention for this just last month?" "Yes, I guess I was".

"Well I guess we'll have to deal with this" "You realize that I'll have to suspend you for this, and that will mean missing the big band competition" " Oh no, please not that...I get good grades...I won't miss again I promise" she implored. "Well young lady I don't have much choice here, you have broken the rules far too many times." "I..I know".

"Well we have one more option" I said and her face perked up. "Do you know what happened at the last Board of Education meeting?" "No, I don't". Well it just so happens that they have given me some leeway when it comes to disciplinary measures. I can now apply corporal punishment in cases like this." "Oh????" she said with a worried look. "Have you ever felt the school paddle"? "Oh no, really?" "Yes Lara, you can either be suspended and miss the band competition or take your licks and get it over with. In this case it will be five swats."

Lara had the looked of a scared schoolgirl and just hesitated. "Five swats, really?" she said wringing her hands. Lara was slowly warming up to the role playing. "Yes, Miss that is the minmum amount I can give....if you weren't such a good student besides your skipping class it would be more like ten. "Well, ummm" "So what's it going to be young lady?, the choice is yours." "I guess the paddle, sir."

I stood up and took my school paddle from the desk drawer. It is about 20 inches long, four wide and 1/2 inch thick. Not a huge paddle, but when swung correctly it is a formidable instrument of discipline. I took my time and slapped the paddle into my other palm. "OK Lara this is how it works. You are to bend over this desk. I will give you five swats with this paddle as punishment for missing school again. You are to count them out and if you miss the number or move out of position we will start over. Is that understood?" "Um y-yes sir".

I tapped the desk and She bent over at the waist. The desk wasn't long enough to bend completely over it so she bent with her elbows on the desk....bottom posed at the perfect paddling angle. I rubbed the paddle on her shorts a few times and gently patted her cheeks with it, building the anticipation for both of us. "Are you ready?" "Yesssss"

Smack....I gave her a good swat right in the center of her bottom. Not super hard but enough to see her twitch a little and hear a satisfying 'pop'. "One".
I waited a little bit and Smack, a little harder...Two. The third one was pretty hard and I heard a little gasp...Ohhh, three!. The fourth one was not as hard...but still solid. "Ok young lady, last one...I hope this teaches you something. "Yes, sirrrr ohhhh!" WHACK the hardest one yet and she almost stood up. I had her stay there for a moment for the burn to settle in.

"Ok, you may rise". She did and I could tell she was a little was a good, iof short paddling. "This matter is closed but I don't ever want to see you in here for this again..understood?" "Yes sir, you won't I promise!" "Ok good now get back to class". She turned to leave the 'office'..."Oh and rules dictate that I call home to inform them of the paddling here at school." "Oh" she said with a worried look......

Finally Back

Sorry busy with other things but I'm back and hope to post more in the coming days....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tools of the Trade XV

This is my main rubber paddle. I got it from an online vendor on the recommendation from one of my Yahoo friends. (Yes she is a spankee) This paddle is about 1/2 inch thick of solid rubber and it packs a wallop. Not a wallop like a wooden paddle packs, but more a wallop in terms of a deep, burning sting.

I have not had this long enough to learn all its capabilities yet but so far it is a very effective implement of discipline. All of the naughties who have felt this so far have told me that it stings like the very dickens and it has proven to illicit promises to behave much better indeed. I haven't yet found someone who would consider this a favorite option for 'play' type spankings but it certainly engenders a lot of respect for a punishment.

It is 12 inches long and 3 wide so it has a short enough handle to use OTK which is my fave anyway. It's big enough to cover about a 1/3 of the average female butt cheek, so it's not too huge to have good control. (No I don't have any data on the area of the average cheek, but this my estimate). It is flexible so you do have to kind of aim it to keep it travelling in the right direction.

I am very happy with the purchase, however I have not yet had an enthusiastic response from those who have felt it. Spirited responses yes, but not enthusiastic ......yet anyway ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Novelty Paddles II

I'm not really sure why I like these. There is just something about seeing a paddle for sale in a 'vanilla' type place. Maybe it's because they are hard to find now.....they harken back to another time when paddlings were more accepted...even expected.

Plus they usually have interesting sayings on them.

I was able to pick up a few of these in a tourist trap in Central Missouri in '07. When I went back last year, they were gone. I'm glad I grabbed them when I did.

I'm not really sure what the wording on this one means...but I thought it was cute.

One of the problems with today's souvenir type paddles is that they are made for show. They typically are not thick enough for any real use. As evidenced by the crack in this particular item which I picked up in Vegas a few years ago.....

Luckily I have plenty of other paddles to do the heavy lifting :)

Novelty Paddles I have a thing for paddles. Those who have read my earlier blogs featuring my Tools may have noticed this.

I also like to collect novelty paddles like the kind you get in souvenir stores. They are not as easy to find as they once were, but if you look hard enough....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brat in the House!

I recently had a brat in the house.

For a weekend.

So there was plenty to, uh talk about. This girl was (OK is) pretty bratty and generally naughty so I had to dish out many a spanking to keep her in line.

Luckily for me I have a good supply of items to deal with brats, and most of them were needed...

As the weekend wore on, I had to make use of many of tools and the house showed the evidence of my efforts as you looked around.....

Don't get me wrong. It was an extremely fun weekend with lots of spankings, lots of opportunities to exercise my technique and collection....

Lots of role plays, bratting-induced spankings & just because spankings. Of course I had a bit of a mess to clean up when it was over...

But totally worth it. It was a great time and I'm glad it happened, even if it tired me out a little.

And the best part is I have the chance to do it again soon ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travel Plans '09

From time to time I like to mention where I'll be headed in the event a naughty girl would like to chat...

Early '09

Northern Virgina

Tampa and Ocala Florida

Montgomery Alabama

Lexington Kentucky

Western North Carolina

St Louis Missouri

Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Should Know Better II

Part 2 of story....

As she stood in the corner I could hear her sniffling and she was wiping her eyes. I brought her some tissues and asked if she was OK. She was but the heat was certainly getting to her. I gave her a few minutes to regain composure and sat back down with my large, soft leather paddle. I called her to me and she slowly came back to my lap.

I gave her a good paddling with the leather. They were only light to moderate smacks but they came fast and I concentrated on the lower half of her rump and the crease it forms with her thighs. This had her almost wriggling off my lap. I held her fast and continued with my work, making her bottom a nice shade of red. She whimpered and asked for another break and I reminded her that was up to me not her but I stopped and just rubbed the paddle on her skin. Once she calmed down a little I gave her a quick flurry of firm smacks and released her once again.

After a few minutes to cool off I grabbed my balsa wood paddle. This is a medium sized paddle, kind of thick but very light. I directed her back over my knee and made some circles on her bottom with the paddle. I asked how much the bounced check was for and announced she would be getting forty with this paddle. I told her to count them out. I gave them in sets of ten with the last two of each set harder than the others. I asked her if she was going to bounce any more checks and she promised repeatedly to never do it again. At this point I believed her.

By the third set she was really feeling punished. "Twenty-uh-one, twe...twe.. twenty ttttwo, oh, uh this really stings, oooh". She struggled through the last few but got through them. I told her she was doing great and gave her another tissue. She wasn't outright bawling but there was a lot of sniffling and tears in her eyes. I let her rest and regain control as she sat on the chair and remarked how hot her butt was. I informed her it was bright red but nothing too alarming. "Ouch."

I picked up my wooden school-type paddle and told her it was time to be punished for rubbing without permission. She assured me it was not necessary and that she understood not to do that again. I explained the rules have to be enforced. Even though it had been several months, she still had been spanked by me many times before and knew the deal. I really don't have many rules during a spanking but I felt I must make the point.

I told Minnie to bend over with her hands on the seat of the chair. I instructed her to hold still and no standing up or we'd start over. I gave the swats firmly but only about 1/2 strength since her bottom was already sore. I waited almost a minute between swats to make sure they sunk in. She kicked and shook her bottom after each swat but stayed put. When I let her up she asked if it was OK to rub. I said yes, it was all over now.

The lesson was learned and I really think she'll be careful with that checkbook now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tools of the Trade XIV

This is a neat addition to my collection, a light-weight balsa wood paddle. It was a gift from a Yahoo friend. It's become one of my faves.

It's good sized, big enough to cover at least half of an average butt cheek (depending on the bottom of course). It makes a nice loud paddly smacking sound when it makes contact. But it's made of such light wood that it gives more of a surface sting rather than the penetrating thud of a thick wooden paddle. It's good for longer paddlings, especially over my knee. I love wood paddles and it's good to have one you can use solidly for a good long time without leaving nasty bruises.

But it appears pretty formidable and the look on a spankee's eyes as I pull it out of the bag is one of nervousness. Until you feel how light it is, it looks pretty mean.

I think it would float but I haven't tried that yet. This paddle would probably be just the thing for a hot tub spanking party :)

Never been to one of those, but a man does have to be prepared !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She Should Know Better

Minnie works at a bank. In fact she is a supervisor with several years of banking experience. She should know better. She should know better than to not record a check and bounce a check. She compounded the offense by waiving her own return fees. She may have gotten away with any financial penalties, but this bratty banker paid a different penalty. More specifically her bottom paid the fees.

I'm pretty strict when it comes to money issues so I made sure to teach her a good lesson.

First I questioned her about it. I asked how she could let this happen and scolded her for not paying better attention. I told her that she needed a good spanking to remember to keep track of her checks. She just looked at me with a worried expression and didn't answer, she knew I was right.

I sat in my wooden chair and called her to my right side. I gave her a gentle nudge on her back and helped her settle in face down in my lap. She was still dressed for work in black kind of stretchy office pants. I patted her bottom and asked if the position felt familiar. She mentioned it had been a while but it was coming back to her.

I had indeed been a while since she had been spanked so I started slowly and spread spanks all over her backside, cheeks and upper thighs. I made sure to heat every inch of her bottom and started to make them count. Before long I was smacking away in a constant rhythm and Minnie began to struggle a little bit. "Ouch, uh" she said as the heat build up in her hindquarters. She reached back to rub her right cheek after a solid smack. I pushed her hand away "Do you want me to spank your hands for reaching back?" I asked. "Oh, no" she said quickly. "Do you mean 'no sir'?" "Right no sir". I asked if we needed an additional lesson to remind her the rules of a spanking...she assured me that wasn't necessary.

I continued to warm her pants for a few minutes and told her to stand up and lower them. "Do I have to?". "Yes you do, it's time for the next step". Minnie hesitated for a moment and then began to undo the slacks. As she began to slide them down she asked if she could keep her panties on with a hopeful look on her face. "For now." "For now....uh" she said and pushed her pants to her knees. I helped her back onto my lap and inspected her underwear. They were white cotton bikinis with little heart designs. I thought these were cute and began peppering the cloth with spanks, a little harder now. I made sure every square inch was given attention. Minnie was squirming again and I could tell the heat was building.

Her panty warming complete, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her adorable undies and slipped them down. I heard Minnie gasp a little, she knew the spanking was starting for real. I gave her a long hand spanking on her bare buns and upper thighs, pausing to rub once in a while and to make sure all was OK. I alternated between softer and harder smacks and occassionally threw in a real stinger that made her head jerk up. "Please can I have a break" she asked. I told her it would be soon enough and finished her hand spanking, leaving her whole rear area A dark pink. "Ok, up you go", I said as I helped her to her feet. I pointed her to the corner and told her it was time for a break. I went to choose a tool from my bag and out of the corner of my eye I caught her rubbing her bottom.

"No rubbing, you know that's a no no." "I'm sorry I couldn't help it." "That's an extra 5 with a paddle".

She just groaned....