Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Because 2

I began by spanking her briskly with my hand on her panties. Since the paint stirrer and school paddle had warmed her nicely I started with firm smacks with my hand. Then I switched to my wooden hairbrush type paddle and sprinkled those all around. Her bottom was light red and obviously stinging as she jumped around some from that. Then down came the panties and I made sure to turn her whole bottom nice and crimson.

I sent her to the corner to cool for a moment and pulled some stuff out of my bag. Back over my knee she went for a nice dose of the rubber paddle. This is not her fave but I wanted Mary to have a sore bottom to take home.

After this there were a few more trips to the corner, a few more trips over my knee and a couple times bent over the desk.

By the end I had used quite a collection of tools on her tush:

Mary likes it fairly hard and although I was accused of 'being mean today' a few times; she ended up with hind area that was nice and uniformly red.

She even asked for a few with the belt to end things up so I know I didn't go too hard after all ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Because

These are some paint stirrers a spankee friend of mine gave me last summer. The bottom ones are pretty thin and break easily. Since these items are not designed to be spanking tools they don't last too long, but can also be some fun seeing how long they'll stand up to the wear and tear. The top ones are quite a bit thicker and take a little more effort to snap..though it can be done, with a little elbow grease ;)....

A local friend came over recently and it seems she wanted a spanking. She didn't really deserve one or need one due to misbehavior, rather it had just been awhile and she wanted one just because she did. Luckily for her I am quite accommodating of my spankable friends who make such requests.

Mary had noticed these paint sticks hanging around before and asked if we could try them out. After a few minutes of talking about how one is more sturdy than the other, it became a goal to break one of each. I started over her jeans with the thick one, since the thin ones break so fast I might as well use it on the bare to get any sting at all with it. I had her bend over the desk and proceeded to give her several dozen good whacks with it making sure to spread them out.

Eventually she began to feel it and squirm a little as the smacks got harder. About this time the poor thing began to disintegrate.

It was one time I wished I was video taping the spanking because for a few minutes there were splinters flying all around the room....

It ended up making quite the mess but the goal was achieved. The thicker paint stick had broken for the most part and Mary was feeling a good sting in her jeans.

After a quick dozen swats with the school paddle for standing up before directed (a spanking is a spanking after all, even if it was given Just Because); I had her pull the jeans down since the warm up was well under way....

At that point I took her over my knee and began a more traditional kind of spanking beginning with my hand and a wooden paddle that resembles a hairbrush.

I'll post later about the balance of the spanking and the colorful results but here is a sample...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just For Fun...a Role Playing Story

Just For Fun

A lot of the spankings I have given have been for disciplinary reasons, however sometimes it's fun to give one just for fun....

Lara has been disciplined by me before but it had been a few months. In fact I gave her her first two disciplinary experiences. She had a couple bad experiences with discipline (with someone else) so the last time I was in her town she wasn't ready for a real discipline spanking. However she was up for some fun. At 19 she was going to experience her first role playing spanking.

Since she was new to it and didn't really have a preference...we decided to go with my favorite one to play. It's based on a naughty school girl type theme with a twist :)

I played the role of the assistant principal in charge of discipline. I sat at the desk in the hotel room and acted busy. I responded to the knock with a 'yes, come in'. I was greeted by a nervous and naughty student who had a referral note in her hand. "You're here again, Lara". "Um, yes sir". I took the note from her and read it." "Skipping class again young lady? " Well I had some things to take care of and..." " I stopped her. Miss, you need to come to school every day...weren't you given detention for this just last month?" "Yes, I guess I was".

"Well I guess we'll have to deal with this" "You realize that I'll have to suspend you for this, and that will mean missing the big band competition" " Oh no, please not that...I get good grades...I won't miss again I promise" she implored. "Well young lady I don't have much choice here, you have broken the rules far too many times." "I..I know".

"Well we have one more option" I said and her face perked up. "Do you know what happened at the last Board of Education meeting?" "No, I don't". Well it just so happens that they have given me some leeway when it comes to disciplinary measures. I can now apply corporal punishment in cases like this." "Oh????" she said with a worried look. "Have you ever felt the school paddle"? "Oh no, really?" "Yes Lara, you can either be suspended and miss the band competition or take your licks and get it over with. In this case it will be five swats."

Lara had the looked of a scared schoolgirl and just hesitated. "Five swats, really?" she said wringing her hands. Lara was slowly warming up to the role playing. "Yes, Miss that is the minmum amount I can give....if you weren't such a good student besides your skipping class it would be more like ten. "Well, ummm" "So what's it going to be young lady?, the choice is yours." "I guess the paddle, sir."

I stood up and took my school paddle from the desk drawer. It is about 20 inches long, four wide and 1/2 inch thick. Not a huge paddle, but when swung correctly it is a formidable instrument of discipline. I took my time and slapped the paddle into my other palm. "OK Lara this is how it works. You are to bend over this desk. I will give you five swats with this paddle as punishment for missing school again. You are to count them out and if you miss the number or move out of position we will start over. Is that understood?" "Um y-yes sir".

I tapped the desk and She bent over at the waist. The desk wasn't long enough to bend completely over it so she bent with her elbows on the desk....bottom posed at the perfect paddling angle. I rubbed the paddle on her shorts a few times and gently patted her cheeks with it, building the anticipation for both of us. "Are you ready?" "Yesssss"

Smack....I gave her a good swat right in the center of her bottom. Not super hard but enough to see her twitch a little and hear a satisfying 'pop'. "One".
I waited a little bit and Smack, a little harder...Two. The third one was pretty hard and I heard a little gasp...Ohhh, three!. The fourth one was not as hard...but still solid. "Ok young lady, last one...I hope this teaches you something. "Yes, sirrrr ohhhh!" WHACK the hardest one yet and she almost stood up. I had her stay there for a moment for the burn to settle in.

"Ok, you may rise". She did and I could tell she was a little was a good, iof short paddling. "This matter is closed but I don't ever want to see you in here for this again..understood?" "Yes sir, you won't I promise!" "Ok good now get back to class". She turned to leave the 'office'..."Oh and rules dictate that I call home to inform them of the paddling here at school." "Oh" she said with a worried look......

Finally Back

Sorry busy with other things but I'm back and hope to post more in the coming days....