Friday, May 1, 2009

Just For Fun Part II

Part 2

A few minutes later I had changed roles to her household guardian. (I am a little squicked about being 'daddy' so I prefer guardian or uncle in these situations.)

I was sitting at my desk in my study when I answered a phone call from the school. "Yes, that's me." "Oh?". Lara came in as I had a one way conversation, she didn't look very happy. "Oh she did huh? I see. OK. Yes, I agree. Yes, we will discuss it tonight as well. Thank you for the call and I promise you she will be on time and very well-behaved tomorrow in school"

"Lara" "Umm, yes?" "That was the vice principal of your school on the phone." She just looked at me. "He says you skipped school again. Is this true?" "Ummm, yes" she said so softly that I could barely hear. "And it has been multiple offenses. What happened at school, Lara? "I, uh, uh." "Lara...tell me what happened at the principal's office."

"I got paddled."

"It seems like we talked about this last month, when you got put on detention. What did I tell you would happen if you got paddled at school young lady?" "That I'd get it again at home...."

"That's right Lara...I told you if you get punished at school you'd get spanked at home. Just like when you were younger. "But, but I'm too old" "You're not too old to act up and skip school so you're not too old to go over my knee." I sat on the bed and pulled her over my lap.

I began spanking her lightly on her shorts and scolded her. "I can't believe you're here back over my knee. I guess you didn't think I'd actually do it." "Umm no, I'm too old for this, let me up." "Nope" I punctuated the word with a hard smack. "It's time you learned a lesson." I peppered the seat of her shorts with some good sound smacks and then pulled them to her knees.

I could see some pinkness on her cheeks, not sure if it was from the paddle or the hand spanks. I spread a liberal dose of swats to her undies, getting progessively harder. "Little girl you have to go to class, SMACK this behavior will not be tolerated." SMACK "I'm sorrrrry." SMACK

I rested my hand on her behind and scolded her. "I plan on making sure you go to every class from now on." I slipped the undies to her knees slowly. " Oh no, please." "Yes, bad girls get spanked on the bare bottom." I gave her a good sound hand spanking on her bare cheeks and spread the spanks around scolding playfully as I went. Once her butt was nice and red I sent her to the corner to admire my handiwork.

"OK Lara, I almost think you've learned your lesson." "Almost?" I grabbed the ping pong paddle and sat back down. I think of this as being a very domestic type implement and perfect for this scene. I put her back over my knee and spanked her good over both cheeks and a little to the sit spot. "If this ever happens again you will be one sorry young lady" "I'm sorry, it won't...I promise." "Next time it will be the belt too, is that understood?" "Ohhh yes sir." Once her bottom was nice and red I sent her back to the corner.

"Young lady you are hereby grounded for 2 weeks as well."

I sat back on the bed and smiled. I think her first role play experience was fun for us both.


Abel1234 said...

Great account of what sounds like an excellent scene. Really enjoyed reading it.

Kate said...

Nice scene ping pong paddles do nothing for me. Sir has regulated them to the spare bag.