Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Because 2

I began by spanking her briskly with my hand on her panties. Since the paint stirrer and school paddle had warmed her nicely I started with firm smacks with my hand. Then I switched to my wooden hairbrush type paddle and sprinkled those all around. Her bottom was light red and obviously stinging as she jumped around some from that. Then down came the panties and I made sure to turn her whole bottom nice and crimson.

I sent her to the corner to cool for a moment and pulled some stuff out of my bag. Back over my knee she went for a nice dose of the rubber paddle. This is not her fave but I wanted Mary to have a sore bottom to take home.

After this there were a few more trips to the corner, a few more trips over my knee and a couple times bent over the desk.

By the end I had used quite a collection of tools on her tush:

Mary likes it fairly hard and although I was accused of 'being mean today' a few times; she ended up with hind area that was nice and uniformly red.

She even asked for a few with the belt to end things up so I know I didn't go too hard after all ;)

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