Thursday, January 29, 2009

Novelty Paddles II

I'm not really sure why I like these. There is just something about seeing a paddle for sale in a 'vanilla' type place. Maybe it's because they are hard to find now.....they harken back to another time when paddlings were more accepted...even expected.

Plus they usually have interesting sayings on them.

I was able to pick up a few of these in a tourist trap in Central Missouri in '07. When I went back last year, they were gone. I'm glad I grabbed them when I did.

I'm not really sure what the wording on this one means...but I thought it was cute.

One of the problems with today's souvenir type paddles is that they are made for show. They typically are not thick enough for any real use. As evidenced by the crack in this particular item which I picked up in Vegas a few years ago.....

Luckily I have plenty of other paddles to do the heavy lifting :)

Novelty Paddles I have a thing for paddles. Those who have read my earlier blogs featuring my Tools may have noticed this.

I also like to collect novelty paddles like the kind you get in souvenir stores. They are not as easy to find as they once were, but if you look hard enough....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brat in the House!

I recently had a brat in the house.

For a weekend.

So there was plenty to, uh talk about. This girl was (OK is) pretty bratty and generally naughty so I had to dish out many a spanking to keep her in line.

Luckily for me I have a good supply of items to deal with brats, and most of them were needed...

As the weekend wore on, I had to make use of many of tools and the house showed the evidence of my efforts as you looked around.....

Don't get me wrong. It was an extremely fun weekend with lots of spankings, lots of opportunities to exercise my technique and collection....

Lots of role plays, bratting-induced spankings & just because spankings. Of course I had a bit of a mess to clean up when it was over...

But totally worth it. It was a great time and I'm glad it happened, even if it tired me out a little.

And the best part is I have the chance to do it again soon ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travel Plans '09

From time to time I like to mention where I'll be headed in the event a naughty girl would like to chat...

Early '09

Northern Virgina

Tampa and Ocala Florida

Montgomery Alabama

Lexington Kentucky

Western North Carolina

St Louis Missouri

Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Should Know Better II

Part 2 of story....

As she stood in the corner I could hear her sniffling and she was wiping her eyes. I brought her some tissues and asked if she was OK. She was but the heat was certainly getting to her. I gave her a few minutes to regain composure and sat back down with my large, soft leather paddle. I called her to me and she slowly came back to my lap.

I gave her a good paddling with the leather. They were only light to moderate smacks but they came fast and I concentrated on the lower half of her rump and the crease it forms with her thighs. This had her almost wriggling off my lap. I held her fast and continued with my work, making her bottom a nice shade of red. She whimpered and asked for another break and I reminded her that was up to me not her but I stopped and just rubbed the paddle on her skin. Once she calmed down a little I gave her a quick flurry of firm smacks and released her once again.

After a few minutes to cool off I grabbed my balsa wood paddle. This is a medium sized paddle, kind of thick but very light. I directed her back over my knee and made some circles on her bottom with the paddle. I asked how much the bounced check was for and announced she would be getting forty with this paddle. I told her to count them out. I gave them in sets of ten with the last two of each set harder than the others. I asked her if she was going to bounce any more checks and she promised repeatedly to never do it again. At this point I believed her.

By the third set she was really feeling punished. "Twenty-uh-one, twe...twe.. twenty ttttwo, oh, uh this really stings, oooh". She struggled through the last few but got through them. I told her she was doing great and gave her another tissue. She wasn't outright bawling but there was a lot of sniffling and tears in her eyes. I let her rest and regain control as she sat on the chair and remarked how hot her butt was. I informed her it was bright red but nothing too alarming. "Ouch."

I picked up my wooden school-type paddle and told her it was time to be punished for rubbing without permission. She assured me it was not necessary and that she understood not to do that again. I explained the rules have to be enforced. Even though it had been several months, she still had been spanked by me many times before and knew the deal. I really don't have many rules during a spanking but I felt I must make the point.

I told Minnie to bend over with her hands on the seat of the chair. I instructed her to hold still and no standing up or we'd start over. I gave the swats firmly but only about 1/2 strength since her bottom was already sore. I waited almost a minute between swats to make sure they sunk in. She kicked and shook her bottom after each swat but stayed put. When I let her up she asked if it was OK to rub. I said yes, it was all over now.

The lesson was learned and I really think she'll be careful with that checkbook now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tools of the Trade XIV

This is a neat addition to my collection, a light-weight balsa wood paddle. It was a gift from a Yahoo friend. It's become one of my faves.

It's good sized, big enough to cover at least half of an average butt cheek (depending on the bottom of course). It makes a nice loud paddly smacking sound when it makes contact. But it's made of such light wood that it gives more of a surface sting rather than the penetrating thud of a thick wooden paddle. It's good for longer paddlings, especially over my knee. I love wood paddles and it's good to have one you can use solidly for a good long time without leaving nasty bruises.

But it appears pretty formidable and the look on a spankee's eyes as I pull it out of the bag is one of nervousness. Until you feel how light it is, it looks pretty mean.

I think it would float but I haven't tried that yet. This paddle would probably be just the thing for a hot tub spanking party :)

Never been to one of those, but a man does have to be prepared !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She Should Know Better

Minnie works at a bank. In fact she is a supervisor with several years of banking experience. She should know better. She should know better than to not record a check and bounce a check. She compounded the offense by waiving her own return fees. She may have gotten away with any financial penalties, but this bratty banker paid a different penalty. More specifically her bottom paid the fees.

I'm pretty strict when it comes to money issues so I made sure to teach her a good lesson.

First I questioned her about it. I asked how she could let this happen and scolded her for not paying better attention. I told her that she needed a good spanking to remember to keep track of her checks. She just looked at me with a worried expression and didn't answer, she knew I was right.

I sat in my wooden chair and called her to my right side. I gave her a gentle nudge on her back and helped her settle in face down in my lap. She was still dressed for work in black kind of stretchy office pants. I patted her bottom and asked if the position felt familiar. She mentioned it had been a while but it was coming back to her.

I had indeed been a while since she had been spanked so I started slowly and spread spanks all over her backside, cheeks and upper thighs. I made sure to heat every inch of her bottom and started to make them count. Before long I was smacking away in a constant rhythm and Minnie began to struggle a little bit. "Ouch, uh" she said as the heat build up in her hindquarters. She reached back to rub her right cheek after a solid smack. I pushed her hand away "Do you want me to spank your hands for reaching back?" I asked. "Oh, no" she said quickly. "Do you mean 'no sir'?" "Right no sir". I asked if we needed an additional lesson to remind her the rules of a spanking...she assured me that wasn't necessary.

I continued to warm her pants for a few minutes and told her to stand up and lower them. "Do I have to?". "Yes you do, it's time for the next step". Minnie hesitated for a moment and then began to undo the slacks. As she began to slide them down she asked if she could keep her panties on with a hopeful look on her face. "For now." "For now....uh" she said and pushed her pants to her knees. I helped her back onto my lap and inspected her underwear. They were white cotton bikinis with little heart designs. I thought these were cute and began peppering the cloth with spanks, a little harder now. I made sure every square inch was given attention. Minnie was squirming again and I could tell the heat was building.

Her panty warming complete, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her adorable undies and slipped them down. I heard Minnie gasp a little, she knew the spanking was starting for real. I gave her a long hand spanking on her bare buns and upper thighs, pausing to rub once in a while and to make sure all was OK. I alternated between softer and harder smacks and occassionally threw in a real stinger that made her head jerk up. "Please can I have a break" she asked. I told her it would be soon enough and finished her hand spanking, leaving her whole rear area A dark pink. "Ok, up you go", I said as I helped her to her feet. I pointed her to the corner and told her it was time for a break. I went to choose a tool from my bag and out of the corner of my eye I caught her rubbing her bottom.

"No rubbing, you know that's a no no." "I'm sorry I couldn't help it." "That's an extra 5 with a paddle".

She just groaned....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know...I'm a few days late. But, after essentially taking the holidays off from blogging I'm back and will begin posting regularly again (I hope).

Here is a pic related to my favorite Christmas gift...having to do with a cute brat and some drop seat pajamas :)

I'll have some more content coming soon...