Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Story: OTK Before Work

OTK Before Work

Lilly is a girl I have been chatting with on and off for a few years. She had a disciplinarian in the past and it helped her a lot. Now she was seeking this again. We don't get a chance to actually meet very often due to our schedules so we had enacted a few rules for her on an online basis. After a long time of chatting and talking between meetings, it was time to lay down the law.

Lilly arrived at my house before work one day. We talked for a while then I got down to business.

"It seems that you still cannot manage to get to bed at a decent time, eh?" "Ummm, usually no...but not always" she said hopefully. "Yes but the overall trend is poor isn't it, young lady?" "Yes, you're right." "No wonder you're so tired at work when you stay up all night playing computer games." "Yeah, it doesn't help" she said quietly. "Well I know something that might just help....a good sound spanking over my knee like you deserve." " Lilly stayed silent, she had no good counter to my argument. "OK time for you to learn a lesson....again."

I sat down on my wooden straight backed chair. It is the perfect venue for an OTK spanking and, to be honest, I got the chair with this use in mind. I took her over my knee. Lilly is a little shorter than me so with her bottom upturned, her toes were just touching the floor. "You are long over due for this" I stated. smack. I began to lightly pepper the seat of her jeans by hand. I spread the spanks around and once I had laid down a pretty good base of heat I stepped up the intensity a notch. These spanks were sinking in, I could tell. "Are you starting to remember what a spanking feels like?" "Yes, I am" SMACK "Yes sir.?" "Yes sir, I am." Lilly is pretty good about being respectful in this position, but sometimes needs a reminder.

I gave her a few hard ones to increase the heat and told her to stand. "OK, time for these to come down.". She just nodded and kicked off her sandals. The jeans came down and I pulled her over my lap again. I rubbed her panties a few times and started in again...smack "Maybe you're starting to feel these more." "Oh yes....yes, sir I am." I gave her a thorough panty-warming. When I was satisfied with the shade of red poking out from underneath her bikini underwear, I hesitated a moment before tugging them down. She wiggled a little bit. Lilly was not completely surprised they were coming down, but I don't know if she was prepared for that moment. I Looked over her bare bottom and took note of where the redness was most prominent. Now it's time for the real lesson to begin.

I spanked moderately at first, spreading the spanks around and making sure all areas got some of the heat-filled attention. "I really hope this is starting to sink in, young lady." "Oooh it is! I promise" I said I hoped so and gave her several sharp spanks that made her jump. I could hear the smacks echo off the walls as I set her tush afire with my palm. "Are you going to do better on gaming all night and not getting your sleep?" "yes...oooh yes I will". A gave her a few hard ones and stood her up. "OK, come over to the wall and think about it". I sat back and watched her in the corner for a moment with her hands on her head and red butt on display. Lilly fidgeted slightly in the corner. I don't know if was because of the heat in her backside or the promise of more to come...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tools of The Trade XIX

This is my new round rubber paddle. It's about 1/4 inch thick and covers about 1/2 the average butt cheek. I know that's not a very scientific measurement but it's just about right IMO.

This one combines the stinginess of rubber but is thick enough to have some thud as well. I have not had a chance to use this one very much as yet; but so far the results have been very effective. Rubber doesn't seem to bruise as much as a wooden implement but it still packs a good wallop. Girls tend to really squirm with something like this.

For some reason I have become pretty interested in rubber implements and just had to add this one to the arsenal. Hopefully I will be able to do some proper research on its use in the near future!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Spanking Therapy? II

After a few minutes of spanking on her panties I stopped and felt the heat radiating from her bottom. I bent down and asked if she was OK. Shy indicated that she was. I could tell the spanking hurt but overall she was fine so I stuck my fingers into the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down to her knees. She shuddered a little at this but didn’t try to resist. I think she realized at this point that a spanking can hurt and there was no reason to make it worse.

Her panties down I began to spank quickly and sharply on her bare bottom. This brought more wiggling but no real resistance and gave her a sound bare bottom spanking until her bottom was bright red. I questioned her from time to time if her rules were reasonable and if this spanking would help her to follow them. She assured me they were and that the spanking was working. After a few hard swats to the lower curves of her bottom (to make them memorable) I told her to stand up again. I pointed to the corner and she went and stood there with her hands on her head as had been directed before.

Once her bottom had cooled a little, I brought Shy out of the corner and back over my knee. I picked up a small rubber strap I brought with me. The rubber strap stings like fire but does not leave a lot of bruises. Her bottom was bright red already and she was getting close to having enough. I had taken some more items out of my bag but it was obvious they weren’t necessary. I gave her about 20 sharp swats with the strap. These really affected her and she began to struggle a little. I held her down and finished the strapping. Shy was beginning to plead and was clearly learning a lot from this tool. I could sense she was near tears and her prior nervousness was gone. But I could also tell she had had just about enough for a first time.

I stopped and rubbed her bottom for a moment talking with her and making sure she was OK. I then ordered her up and back to the corner. Her bottom was very red at this point and I could tell it really was working. After about 5 minutes I told her to go get her rules and bring them back for a little talk.

Shy returned in moment with her laptop and she had opened up the page with her rules/goals written out. I had her place it on the floor to my left and took her back over my knee. With her face down in my lap I had Shy read me her rules to be sure she understood. After each one she got a few more spanks to drive the lesson home. After all 7 rules were addressed she was allowed to stand up and it was over. I gave her a hug and told her she had done very well with her first adult spanking.

We talked about it later and she admitted that the spanking hurt a lot but it was not as bad as it seemed beforehand when she was so nervous. She even said it had done her some good. Shy has done great with her rules since then and assured me she does NOT want to earn a punishment spanking.

I’d say her first motivational session was a success…

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He's Back!

Hello readers...(I am just going to pretend I still have readers). Sorry for the long lay off from posting but here I am again.

I think I have my mojo back for continuing my blogging endeavors and it looks like I will have more time for it in the coming weeks or months.

I may be posting some older content from a previous aborted attempt at blogging...aborted because the venue was closed. But it's still content, right?

I had a tumultuous time the last year or so. Lots of bad stuff in my personal life. Lots of great stuff too :) But over all a lot going on. I have met a ton of great people over the last bunch of months...and strengthened relationships with many more. To those who I haven't connected with lately and think I disappeared...I apologize, to those whom I leaned upon...thanks!

Anyway, blah blah...back to the spankings!

Spanking Therapy?

This is a story about a young lady I began mentoring a few years back. Shy came to me looking for some therapeutic spankings to help her. She had been depressed for the last several months and was looking for options to help get her out of it. She told me she was not clinically depressed but was more feeling in the dumps due to a recent life change.

Shy told me she was spending too much time in the house and she didn’t feel like doing anything. She would go to work and the store, basic stuff like that but other than that she had no motivation to get moving and doing things like she used to. The more she stayed in, the more it became a habit and the harder it was to get out there. She had done some research into it and thought some spankings might help getting out of her rut.

I have had success at mentoring women and acting as a disciplinarian for issues such as getting schoolwork done, money management, smoking reduction etc but never a case quite like this. I explained to her that I didn’t know about curing depression but that some motivational spankings and a related discipline program might help get her moving again. Shy assured me that she did not have an actual clinical depression disgnosis, but was merely feeling depressed and lacking motivation.

We decided on a list of rules for her to follow in an attempt to right the ship. These were based on some basic goals we set with the idea that if she began to do more of the things she used to do she would feel better about doing them. From there hopefully she would get out of the habit of sitting around and begin to enjoy getting out there and back to normal. These rules were things like, go out with friends at least twice a week, no rejecting invitations to go out, no lying or making excuses to get out of doing things etc.

There would be some motivational spankings to get her started and the threat of punishment spankings exists to encourage her not to find excuses. In the beginning the spankings would provide the motivation and hopefully get her out and moving. Priming the pump so to speak.

After all this was agreed upon we met one Sunday for her first motivational spanking. Shy is 40 years old and it had been over 20 years since her last spanking so she was understandably very nervous. I had assured her I would not push her too far and that this spanking was not a punishment but a push in the right direction. Plus if we could get some endorphins going that might help her mood too.

We met at a McDonalds and talked for a while; long enough for us both to decide the other wasn’t crazy and to decide she was ready. She was and we went back to her house. We went over the basic details, how it would work, my rules for a spankee, her safe word in case it was needed.

When everything was set we went into her room and I began to lecture her softly. “I know you’ve been unmotivated lately but I think we can get you moving again. I think a spanking will help you get moving and encourage you to follow your rules. Do you think that would help?” Shy looked very nervous and fidgeted as she stood before me “um, yeah” I looked at her “Um yeah?”. She answered quickly “yes sir”. She remembered the rules.

I sat in her computer chair and called her over. I gently led her over my lap and let her get comfortable. It had been a long time since she was in this position so I let her get herself comfortable. I steadied her on my lap with my left hand and raised my right. I reminded her this was for her own good and brought my palm down squarely in the center of her right cheek, then the left.

I spanked her lightly by hand over her jeans for several minutes, alternating cheeks. Occasionally I would spank one cheek 2 or 3 times in a row. She didn’t react much at this stage but I could tell the heat was beginning to build. I started to spank a little harder and was spreading them around her bottom and some on the upper thighs. Once I knew S could feel the heat I told her to stand up.

Shy obeyed immediately and I looked her in the eye “Take the jeans down now” I said. She pulled her jeans down to her ankles and stepped out of them. “Back over” I said as I gently pushed on her back to guide her back into the spanking position. I could see quite a bit of redness around the boundaries of her white bikini panties. More than I expected but Shy is very light skinned and had not had a real spanking in years. I began spanking almost immediately and these were coming down a little harder now. I made sure to spread them around and she was starting to wiggle a little bit now. I was starting to make an impression....