Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FMS Party Adventures III

After the Vendor Fair/Reception, I went upstairs to the suite parties. These were well done and very welcoming. I have to admit I do much better in small groups or one on one so the big group deals like this are bit much for me. Everyone was very nice and the organizers did a lot to make people feel welcome. Pizza was served at midnight and it was a hit as you may imagine.

At this event I had the chance to meet up with Emily and discuss her bratting me earlier in the evening. We were able to snag a bedroom and I gave her a nice hand spanking on her skirt, panties and bare bottom. Nothing too heavy but still a firm spanking. It seems that some time OTK convinced her of the error of her bratting ways (for 5 minutes anyway). It was just really nice to play with her and meet in person after we had been chatting for well over a year.

After a piece of pizza I went down to the room of Zed and Ginger. There was a group of us...Todd & Suzy, Short4Ever & Siege, Richard W, Iggy and a couple others I think. Ginger was another person I had sort of known online for years, from my days on the Classics message board. It was fun to meet and talk finally. At this late-night party, Zed unveiled his newest implement...a cricket bat! This thing was huge and not really good as a serious spanking implement; but oh what a novelty. Ginger offered up her jean-covered bottom for it to be christened. Richard, being the British representative did the honors. He was very careful with it, but you could tell this thing had major league thud.

Zed also has a replica of a Canadian Prison Strap that he is very adept at using. Iggy had a birthday recently so it was decided it was time for her birthday spanking. OK maybe the birthday was in April....but hey, it's a spanking party! She bent over a chair and received her whacks. Iggy was obviously nervous, yet curious to feel this strap so I give her kudos for stepping up to the plate and challenging herself.

Zed wielded the strap (think big) with care and the birthday spanking was a success. I can only imagine what this strap is like when used with more room for a full swing.

By this time it was late and I went back to the room to rest up for another day of spanking hijinks


Anonymous said...

Awww...that was fun too! Zed is such a sweetie and I could totally have gone harder! (well not later on in the party I couldn't have, but then I could)

munchkin said...

If you make it to the smaller event they host, you will probably get to see Zed in action for real with the prison strap. There's more open space there for that.

p.s. He totally should have whacked iggy harder.

ginger said...

is that supposed to be a cricket bat? It looks like an oar!! LOL.

The prison strap is great....Kat will wanna try it I bet.