Thursday, June 11, 2009

FMS Party Adventures I

This year I attended the Florida Moonshine spanking party for the first time. In a word...awesome. My best time I've had at a party. OK, so I've only gone to 3 but still very fun.

I wasn't going to check into the hotel until Friday, but I had some time to myself Thursday night and couldn't wait to check it out. I figured I'd head over to the hotel and I'd find someone I knew. Either that or I'd hear some sounds of spanking and know I was in the right place. Even if I didn't find anyone that night I'd at least know where it was and get a feel for the place.

The hotel is very nice and had very much a beachy kind of resort feel to it. Very laid back. I went and had a Blue Moon at the Tiki bar by the pool and just sort of checked out the scene. After the beer I walked over and noticed Todd and Suzy of the American Spanking Society finishing dinner at the outdoor cafe. I had met them at the Shadowlane party and in fact was bratted by Suzy via IM not too long before this. We chatted for a while and eventually a bunch of folks headed over to their room.

There a group of us played Spankopoly. This is basically a Monopoly game that has been designed with spanking in mind. Todd and Suzy have put a lot of work and thought into this game and it was quite fun. I plays just like a real monopoly game with properties and rents etc, but all the properties are spanking related...Bare Bottom Way for instance. Instead of a jail, there is a woodshed, that kind of thing. All the cards you draw are spanking related and bottoms who play get spanked instead of paying money and tops pay the money.

The spankings are fairly tame so no one gets overwhelmed, but after a while they add up. If you haven't seen this before...go to the American Spanking Society blog and check it out. They will even personalize a game for you if you want:

We had a great time at this and as the time went on, more people came and went. Not all of whom did I get to meet. Richard Windsor came in and so did Iggy and Munchkin. They didn't play the game at this time but we had a blast talking and everyone was excited to be there. During this game I had the chance to give a spanking to Suzy and to K from Dakota. They were the two resident bottoms in attendance and everyone just had fun.

I had to work the next day so I couldn't stay...though I left much later than I had planned.

I was tired the whole next day but I had a smile on my face looking forward to the adventures that were to come over the weekend......


munchkin said...

token comment

Anonymous said...

The spankings are fairly tame so no one gets overwhelmed, but after a while they add up.

OMG Ain't that the truth!

ginger said...

only iggy gets overwhelmed.....LOL.

Look forward to reading more about your time at the party. :)


short4ever1 said...

Poor iggy is still a baby spanko. It's not her