Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Spanking?

I wonder if anyone have any interesting spanking stories from Halloween? It's one of my favorite holidays because for one day, spanking is accepted as almost mainstream. You can be a naughty school girl or a strict principal with a paddle and people just laugh. It's also a good time to float the idea of spanking to a vanilla type to see if there is any interest without completely outing yourself.

About 3 years ago my then girlfriend and I planned to go to a Halloween party as a matched set. She was going to be a catholic schoolgirl with the plaid skirt and I was going to be a ruler-toting nun. Hey you have to admit there is something sexy about a cigar smoking nun who needs a shave spanking girls with a wooden stick. Really.

Unfortunately we had a wardrobe malfunction a few hours before the party. She was shortening the plaid skirt we picked up at the Salvation Army (she was going to be very naughty, you see) and ended up tearing it and going too far. There wasn't enough to salvage. Luckily we had also bought a leopard skin skirt at the same time (also short) so she ended up going as a lady of the evening.

I was still the nun but left the ruler at home. I guess it would still work for a nun to scold and spank a hussy for her poor conduct but somehow the magic had been lost with the school skirt.

Does anyone have any spanky halloween stories to share?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tools of the Trade VII

This is one of my wooden school paddles. I have another that is identical except it has holes. This one is fairly thick and is a formidable instrument of discipline. I usually use it over jeans (just like in school), because it can be a harsh implement if not used with care. I think it's almost too big to use on the bare unless it is used lightly. It's very important to aim a paddle like this to the lower part of the cheeks where the most padding is. Interestingly this is also the part of your butt that you use to sit :)
I'm very into school paddling so this is a favorite for me. I don't role play an awful lot, but school scenes really appeal to me. So this type of paddle is perfect. In a playful setting you can build a good sting without hitting super hard. Just holding it in my hand tends to focus the attention on the girl who has a date with it.
For punishment purposes, this tool can really send a message. I will use it at the end of a longer punishment so that the lesson will be remembered. In those situations it will be very hard on the clothed bottom or a little less on the panties. You don't need a lot of swats with this beauty to know you got spanked!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tools of the Trade VI

This is my small leather strap. It's kind of thin and short. It's not good for a real hard punishment type strappings, but more for a lighter warm up style. Though when applied with vigor it delivers a real sting!

Because it's short I can use it OTK and still keep control of it, which is important with a strap. The flexibility of them can cause them to get away from you.

Because it's small and thin it can also be used to pinpoint some smacks on the sensitive bottom-thigh junction, and other more delicate areas. These always seem to cause a reaction :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Story I Should Have Finished Long Ago

Sweets for the Sweet

Part I

Haley was a naughty girl. Not a bad girl really, because she was trying to do better with her issues. She truly wanted to do better and not break so many of the rules. The rules she had said she needed to follow and the ones I was helping to enforce. She was making progress but still needed my help. She was basically a nice, sweet person but this week she had been a very naughty girl.

Haley had been disciplined by me before for a variety of reasons. She kept a log of her sins and handed it to me at the beginning of our sessions so that she could be properly punished for not meeting the expectations she and I had set forth. The list had been getting progressively smaller with each visit but today she needed to answer for the biggest thing on the list.

Most of the things on her demerit list were fairly minor and somewhat common for a girl that had been left to wander without consistent discipline. Speeding, lateness to work, swearing, paying bills late. Things that needed attention and the discipline was helping. But this time Haley had violated her promise not to touch sweets. It was not a weight issue, though she had considered a diet before, it was that she had a medical condition that caused her to pass out if she ate sweets. She had been told by her doctors for years to avoid them and for the most part she ate sugar-free candy etc. However this time she had eaten half a box of regular cookies and nearly lost consciousness, almost driving off the road. This was unacceptable and dangerous. Today was going to be Haley’s most serious discipline to date. I didn’t know if she was testing my resolve to deal with her behavior or if she just couldn’t resist them in the store. It really did not matter right then. I had to send a message that she was not going to risk her life as long as I had anything to do with it and I was about to do a lot!

I walked to the door of her home and found that it was unlocked. I entered and surveyed the room. To my pleasure it was prepared exactly how I had instructed. The windows were closed and drapes drawn. The middle of the room was clear of furniture except for one important feature, a kitchen chair in the center. On the seat of the chair were a plastic paddle, a long ruler and a notebook, a brat’s punishment log. The brat that had prepared it was standing obediently in the corner. She had not turned around since I came into the room. Either Haley was learning or she was smart enough to know she was in big trouble this time. I smiled and picked up her list.

“Young lady, why are you standing in the corner?”, I demanded. “Because I deserve to be punished.” “Yes you do, don’t you?” “Yes sir, I do.” “You have been very bad this time Haley, haven’t you?” I could see her fidgeting in the corner, trying to hold still. “Yeah, I guess.” “You guess or you know!” I scolded a little louder now to make my point. Haley jumped a bit and said “y - yes I know I have and I’m sorry.” “Nowhere near as sorry as you are going to be my girl, your list is smaller this time but the crimes are much bigger. Especially the little stunt with the cookies”

I sat in the chair and told her to come to me immediately. Haley could tell by the look in my face that I wasn’t kidding so she came to right side and looked down at her feet. “You are going to be punished today and you know why, get over my lap.” Haley said nothing and just bent over my knee like the naughty girl she was. I rubbed her bottom for a few seconds as she got comfortable. Then I began her warm up spanking with light to moderate smacks to both buttocks, making sure to spread them around left and right, upper bottom and lower bottom. After several minutes I instructed her to rise and drop her pants. She did as ordered and settled back down over my knee. I began spanking harder now until I could see a pink blush forming at the undersides beneath the borders of her white bikini panties.

I then reached down and pulled her panties to join her jeans at her knees. Haley wriggled a bit at this, but stayed put. She knew she was in no position to argue. I rubbed her warm bare cheeks and told her that she had been naughty for too long and that now I was going to show her that her destructive behavior was unacceptable. “You deserve this spanking don’t you, young lady?” “Yes sir”. “And this is going to be a very hard lesson for you, do you understand.” “Yes I do”. “I am going to make sure that you remember this every time you sit down for quite some time.” I said and increased the speed and strength of the spanks. Haley just grunted at this and accepted her deserved discipline.

Since I had planned a big lesson for her, I knew that a good warm-up was necessary. “Stand up”, she rose to her feet and I directed her over to my left side. Haley looked confused but I cleared that up with my next order “back over”, she knew better than to argue and complied. I spanked her with my left hand several times, then my right, then left again until her entire bottom and upper thighs were beginning to look red. I stood her up and held her arms while I looked into her eyes to be sure she was OK. Her expression betrayed her nervousness but I could tell that she was all right and not shaking or anything.

“Go stand in the corner like the naughty girl you are and think about your behavior that earned you this spanking”, I said and gave her a quick swat to get her moving. She waddled to the corner with her pants around her ankles.

I stopped for a moment to enjoy the view and to give her a chance to think about the next phase of her punishment. I picked up the list of sins and read through them. It was a shame that even though her list was much shorter than usual, her indiscretion with the cookies had earned her a much more severe discipline session. “Haley Come here” she did and stood before, me her eyes cast down. “Well your list is not too bad except for the obvious problem with the cookies. You're improving and I'm glad that the discipline seems to be working for the most part.
Bend over and put your hands on the seat of the chair". She did and her pink bottom was sticking out as a very inviting target.

First on the list was being late to work, something that had improved since we had been having sessions. The first couple times there were 3 or 4 incidents of lateness, this time there was only one. “Haley it says here you were late to work Wednesday.” “Yes Sir”. “Well last week you were late 3 times and this week only one, that is better but still we cannot have it.” “I know.” she answered quietly. “How late were you?” “Five minutes?” She answered, not quite sure of herself. “Are you sure that is the answer you want to go with?” “Because don’t think I won’t call your boss and act like your husband to find out” “Noooo, please don’t do that....I was, I was 25 minutes late to work sir.” I smiled, well at least my idle threat worked, I wouldn’t actually call her work, but she didn’t need to know that. “ Okay that’s 25 with the plastic paddle” I picked up the blue paddle. It was thin and rather flexible, no doubt coming from a former life as a toy. It was the most effective implement to use on Haley, normally she was very stoic in taking a punishment but this paddle actually got a reaction of out her.

SMACK, SMACK SMACK I started out hard and fast alternating cheeks. “We have talked about this lateness haven’t we?” SMACK SMACK SMACK “Yes, ouch, we have” SMACK SMACK “And I have punished you for this too haven’t I?” “Yes Sir, ” SMACK SMACK “Now you have done better my girl, only late once this week, but you still need to improve.” SMACK SMACK “ Oh yes sir I know, I won’t be late next week at all, I promise” SMACK SMACK “ You said that about this week” SMACK SMACK “I know sir but I did better a next week I’ll be on time every day, really ouch!” Now I was planting the smacks on her lower bottom cheeks. SMACK SMACK. “If you ever want to considered for a promotion, you must show up on time every day.” “Yes sir and I have learned, I’ll do better Ouch” “Ohh, I mean it, ouch.” The spanks on the lower cheeks were making an impression as she was reacting to the spanks and moving her legs a little, but Haley did not get out of position-she knew better than that. Soon the count was 25 and I stopped.

I set the paddle down and paced the room a bit to let that sink in. She was clenching her legs a bit and breathing a little heavily. I looked at the list and saw that she had failed to send in the return card for her CD club and had to pay $20 for an album she didn’t even want. I picked up the ruler and rubbed it up and down her expectant cheeks. “Well Haley, I guess you just couldn’t find time to put a check mark on a postcard and mail it back, could you?” “No sir, I meant to but I got busy and...” Haley stopped there because she really didn’t have an excuse and knew the ruler was imminent. “20 for that”, I said and drew my hand back. WHACK, WHACK I began to swat her rump with the ruler starting at the top of her ass and working my way down. The thin strip of wood left district red stripes as I painted her tush. “Are you going procrastinate and buy another CD that you don’t want next month?” “No sir, definitely not, I promise!” When I reached the bottom I made sure to give her 3 firm ones to the underside of her cheeks (a ruler is perfectly shaped for that type of attention) and several on her upper thighs. “Ouch!, Ohhh!” That got her attention. By the time I got to 20 strokes, Hayley was gripping the chair tightly and grimacing-I’m sure that the next response card she received found its way to the mailbox.
I rubbed her buns softly for a minute and felt the heat radiate off of them. I looked at the next item on the list “Speeding and making unsafe passes on way to work Tuesday.” I sighed to myself and thought no wonder she has been on time so much. “Now Haley, driving unsafely to get to work on time is not a good idea is it?” “No sir it’s not.” “It won’t do you much good to be almost to work with time to spare if you hurt yourself on the way”, I scolded as I reached for my belt buckle. I could hear Haley inhale sharply at the sound of my belt coming off.

I doubled up the think leather belt and measured the distance to her fanny. I lay the leather on her glistening behind and informed her that risking her life in any way was not going to be permitted. I swung firmly and planted the first stroke to the center of her buttocks. WHACK WHACK “ooooh” WHACK WHACK I did not bother to scold her for this portion of the lesson. Haley knew that she needed to be more careful in the car and we had agreed that safety related items were the most serious. WHACK WHACK I strapped her about 15 times until her butt was a dark red. “Are you learning a lesson from this?” “Yes... I am. I’ll be more careful, really” she whined. “Okay five more, count them out loud” WHACK “One” WHACK “Two” WHACK “Uhhh.. Three” WHACK “F-Four” I hesitated for a moment and made a big wind up so this stroke would be remembered WHAACKK “Ouch Fiiive, ohh” I watched as her toes almost levitated from the floor at the hardest belt stroke yet.

"Okay Young lady, now you’ll spend some time in the corner”, I took her arm and led her back to place I found her when I arrived. “Hands on your head, no rubbing” I punctuated this direction with a crisp spank to each cheek. “You stand there and think about what you did wrong and what you got for it. In a few minutes we’ll discuss that box of cookies you just couldn’t resist.” As I said that I snapped the belt against my leg with a satisfying crack.

Was that a shudder I detected?

Spanko Quiz

I saw this quiz on a Yahoo Group and thought it was interesting. I wish there were more choices for each question but it's kind of fun anyway:

Moderate: You are a dedicated spanko who knows what the scene is all about. You pay careful attention to your partners needs, believe strongly in communication, and work hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied. You might believe in the occasional spanking for purposes of domestic discipline, but its just as likely that you spank only for recreation. You can play from mild to severe as long as there is a clear understanding of limits, expectations, and safewords.

Travel Plans '08

I travel a lot so I thought I'd mention where I'm going soon in the event a naughty lady in these areas would care to chat:
-South Florida (Lauderdale, WPB, Ft Pierce, Miami)
-Montgomery AL
-San Diego general area

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tools of the Trade V

This is my wooden hairbrush. It's nothing too special, just a standard brush I got at a hair salon supply store. It's small and compact but also delivers a painful swat to the bottom. It has a short handle so it doesn't have the leverage of a bath brush but it's easy to control and I can really give a good spanking with it. A hairbrush tends to combine the sting and thud factors so control is important. This combination usually means I have a squirming girl on my lap and I want something I can easily aim well.
I like it because it's a really traditional implement and it carries with it all the mental and emotional elements of an old-fashioned spanking just like mom used to give! It also looks like a regular household item so it is easy to be discreet with it. I travel a lot on airplanes so this is a good one to bring along. If anything happens it should be overlooked by security. It is rarely overlooked by the naughty girl who happens to gain its attention however.

Tools of the Trade IV

This is my lightweight wooden paddle which I have nicknamed 'Red Death'. I came up with this nickname based on the reaction I get from pretty much every girl I've ever spanked with it. These reactions run from the physical: wriggling, bucking, kicking etc; to the verbal: 'please not that one', 'I don't deserve THAT' etc; to the non-verbal: pleading eyes, backing away, covering the bottom etc.
It doesn't seem like much, only about 14 inches long and rather thin. When you pick it up you can barely feel the weight. But the sting it produces is quite impressive. I've been told it's similar to a hairbrush without the 'thud'. It warms the bottom very quickly and leaves a lasting impression. I use it in punishment much more than play. The handle is long enough to use for a bent-over paddling but short enough to use OTK, which is how I usually employ it.

Tools of the Trade III

This is my official spanking strap. OK there is nothing official about it other than it's a strap designed with spanking in mind. It's basically like a thick leather belt that has been folded over and the ends connected together forming a handle. It's fairly heavy but not too long. I can use it OTK as long as I position the spankee just so, but I usually use it on someone who is lying face down. Over pillows on the bed is the preferred.
It's soft and supple and looks imposing. Sometimes I prefer it to using my belt because it's got a handle so I don't have to hold the ends together. It gives a good solid sting and a little bit of thud but nothing like a wood paddle. I like the fact that it's not too long so it's easy to keep it from wrapping. I'll use it for several strokes on one side, then walk around and give some from the other side. I can give solid strokes with this thing.
Of course a belt has other benefits. One is that it's very available and has a vanilla life of its own. there is also something to be said for the look on a girl's face as she sees and hears the buckle undone and the belt slip off.

Tools of the Trade II

This is my clear lexan paddle. It's about 1o inches long and 3/8 inch thick.
The handle is a little long but it's still good for OTK purposes. It imparts a very solid sting. Lexan is some kind of space-age plastic that is supposed to be unbreakable. I know it's pretty tough! You can give a good spanking with it and it causes less bruising than wood. It gets a very big response when applied to a girl's bottom. It's one that I have to be careful with and not break out too much. Lest they all run away in fear LOL

Tools of the Trade

I'm kind of new to blogging so I don't really know what to write. I thought I'd start with showing some of my favorite spanking implements...
This one is a soft leather paddle. It does have a small piece of flexible metal in the center to keep it from flopping all around. It's the first real spanking implement I ever bought.
It's a very good paddle to use for warm up purposes, and for spankees who are new to it. It's aslo good for longer, softer spankings. It gives a nice 'cool' sting and doesn't cause a lot of marking outside of some nice redness. It's small enough to use over my knee; but can also be used in other positions.
Oh...and it makes a good, satisfying sound!