Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tools of the Trade XIV

This is a neat addition to my collection, a light-weight balsa wood paddle. It was a gift from a Yahoo friend. It's become one of my faves.

It's good sized, big enough to cover at least half of an average butt cheek (depending on the bottom of course). It makes a nice loud paddly smacking sound when it makes contact. But it's made of such light wood that it gives more of a surface sting rather than the penetrating thud of a thick wooden paddle. It's good for longer paddlings, especially over my knee. I love wood paddles and it's good to have one you can use solidly for a good long time without leaving nasty bruises.

But it appears pretty formidable and the look on a spankee's eyes as I pull it out of the bag is one of nervousness. Until you feel how light it is, it looks pretty mean.

I think it would float but I haven't tried that yet. This paddle would probably be just the thing for a hot tub spanking party :)

Never been to one of those, but a man does have to be prepared !

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Jean said...

It looks painful/ lol, you should try floating it.