Saturday, June 13, 2009

FMS Party Adventures II

I checked in Friday afternoon. I ended up with a beach front one bedroom suite which was a lot of room for one person but well worth the money. Unfortunately Kat was unable to attend due to some life stuff so I was on my own. I got all unpacked and prepared for the weekend. I went downstairs and registered for the party, got my calendar of events and was good to go.

First up was the Vendor's Fair and Reception. The food was pretty good and I walked around to all the tables. I knew I wanted to get a new tool and there were so many to choose from. Around this time I met two people who I had been talking to on the internet for quite a while. They just happened to run into me at about the same time, though they apparently had met the night before. Keagan and Emily had some kind of strange brat vibe going and both managed to brat me at the same time, in much the same ways.

I ran into both several times during this event, sometimes together and sometimes apart. Suffice to say that by the end of the evening they had used up a lot of old man jokes and they were both due a spanking. It was cool to finally meet both of them. The banter was fun and lively.

This event featured a spanking scavenger hunt which allowed me to meet several ladies and give several quick how do you do spankings. It was meant as an ice breaker and it achieved this purpose. I didn't come close to filling up my sheet but I didn't was just a blast.

I ended up with two new tools. I had been wanting to upgrade my collection of leather stuff (plus I had a personal request) so bought this neat item from London Tanners. The proprietor, Ian, makes great quality stuff and I figured I should get the best.

The girls running the booth were most accommodating and let me try out a few of the items as I decided which one to get. It came down to the ruler paddle and a round paddle. I now wish I had gotten both. I might also add that Ian is one of the party organizers and is an extremely gracious host.

I also purchased this curious item called a Meanie. Based on the reaction it got later in the weekend, it may be aptly named. It came from an outfit called Treats and Consequences which also sold some sugary/cinamonny looking goodies on the other end of the table.

I'll have Tools of the Trade write ups about these as I go along.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you listened to my request! :-P However... I don't remember requesting the meanie!

short4ever1 said...

It was nice to meet you! Keep that meanie away from poor innocent bottoms.

Publikk said...
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Publikk said...

I think the key word in that is 'innocent'. I haven't meet too many bottoms that match that description :)

It was great meeting you too!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about: You've met me, munchkin, suzy, ginger, s4e, and several other innocent bottoms! Sheesh!

ginger said...

that red thing is indeed quite mean! >:(


Keagen said...

*astonished* Strange brat vibe? Me?!!?!?

It was a blast. :-) I'm glad to have finally met you, and to have found your blog. :-D