Saturday, November 29, 2008

Overdue Part 2

After a few minutes of cornertime I called her out. She was learning a lesson but more was need to make it memorable.We had spoken about a good punishment for the teeth thing but I don’t know if she believed me. I marched her to the bathroom with her panties at her ankles. She stood with a nervous expression as I took a fresh bar of dial out of the package and told her she needed to learn the hard way. I lather up the soap and pushed it in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes I ran some more water, re lathered and put it back in. I had her hold the soap for a few minutes as I smacked her bare bottom with my hand as I scolded her. I suggested that toothpaste probably tasted better than this and was a better option.

She tried to talk but it was hard to understand. At one point thought I heard a ‘fuck’ come out oof her mouth and I reminded Mary this was not a good time to swear at me. She agreed and assured me she hadn’t. I mentioned that she could be brushing her teeth with the soap, she needed to watch her mouth and follow directions at this point.

After a couple moments to rinse etc., I had her bend over the school desk in the classic paddling position. Legs straight, bottom out, feet shoulder-length apart. I took the rubber paddle and gave her about 25 smacks with that all over her bottom. She is not a fan of this tool and made her displeasure known. Then about 10with the large wood hairbrush, alternating cheeks. This thing packs a real wallop and I could tell she was feeling them.

I had her replace her jeans and bend back over. 12 swats with the school paddle was to be the icing on the cake, so to speak. Swats 1-3 were moderate and number 4 was pretty hard. On number 5 I noticed there was a crack in the wood and by 12 the paddle was almost in 2 pieces. So the last several had to be done lightly, but the message had been sent. Promises to behave better were given and the punishment was over.

She hated the thought of the paddle being left half-broken so in a playful session she bent back over and 3 whacks later it broke completely in 2. This paddle is actually hers and she had left it with me since it was just more convenient. It seems appropriate it was broken on her backside LOL. We played a bit more with her getting some more with my own school paddle, since she was very interested in trying out the desk some more. She left.

*Note…this paddle broke along a grain in the wood. I really didn’t swing all that hard. Really. Not all the whacks, anyway

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I thought this was cute in honor of the Holiday....

Speaking of Ping Pong Paddles....

Someone saw my recent post on one of my Tools and sent me this interesting pic of a tricked-out paddle. Of course, I'm a PC user so I'd have to come up with a different design. Any suggestions?

You can read more about it here.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Months Overdue - Story

Part I

Mary is a girl I have been meeting with since the Spring of this year. She is a graduate student at a local university and is quite intelligent, especially about academic matters. However sometimes the more mundane details of life get away from her and she needs a discipline session to get her attention. Almost like an absent-minded professor type situation, I guess you’d say. She is 25 years old and comes from very permissive parents meaning she was brand new to the experience of punishment and discipline prior to meeting me.

On this day she came over to atone for a list of naughtiness. Mainly for not keeping up with her housekeeping and getting a lot of parking tickets. She also has a problem with forgetting to brush her teeth. We had not met in about a month and the last time was more of a stress-release thing. This was her first true discipline in about 2 months. She was overdue.
I scolded her about her lack of attention to some basic details of everyday living. Racking up a bunch of parking tickets, not staying current with emails, her house was a mess and she had been neglecting her hygiene. I asked if a very sound spanking would help her remember in the future. She had to agree it would.

I sat in my wooden chair and took her over my knee. I began to spank her lightly all over the seat of her jeans. I began to get more firm with the spanks after a few minutes. I wanted her to get a nice warm up, since she needs a harder spanking than most. I ordered her to stand and drop her jeans. She just stepped out of them and I took her back OTK. I began to really warm up her panties as the hand spanking progressed. I alternated between a flury of lighter to moderate spanks with a few very hard ones which got her to react a little bit. I asked if she remembered now what a spanking was like. Yes sir she did. I pulled the panties down to her knees and waited a moment, letting the exposure sink in.

I gave her a very good spanking on the bare until her entire hind area was nice and red and I could tell the stinging was setting in. I stood her up and sent her to the corner, hands on her head to think a moment. While she stood there I got out my leather paddle and a small wood paddle, similar to a hairbrush. Back over my knee Mary felt the leather paddle really warm her bottom and I punctuated my scolding with some especially hard whacks at the base of her bottom. Then I gave her a good, sound spanking with the wood paddle. This really had her moving around and squirming. I even had a few grunts and gasps on some of the hard whacks.
I asked about the parking tickets. She hadn’t gotten any ‘this week’ and she ‘thought’ she had paid them all off. I encouraged her to make sure as we continued the discussion. It also came out that she had had a small party 2 weeks prior and had not completely cleaned up yet.

However I was assured anything that would spoil was cleaned immediately. As I spanked her some more, I was given a promise to clean up completely that night. (one day I really need to make a visit for an inspection) Her bottom was now very warm and getting bright red. I gave several solid whacks to her sit spots to make sure it stuck and a couple lighter ones to her upper thighs. Back to the corner she went.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tools of the Trade X

This is my trusty ping pong paddle (or table tennis bat to some).

It is one of my all-time favorites. It is thin and gives a good sting but doesn't leave nasty bruises. It is very good for over the knee spanking because it's compact. It can also cover most of a cheek.

I also like these because they are pretty easily available. Lots of people have these hanging around and it doesn't scream 'spanking implement'. Well it does for people like me :) but not so much for the vanilla world. They are also pretty cheap and easy to find in walmart, kmarts etc when you're in a pinch.

There is just something special about an implement that is found in many homes and lives a non-spanking life until grabbed by a determined discipliner. Just screams domestic discipline to me. Think of how many spankers over the years who have grabbed one from the 'rumpus room' to deal with a bad attitude or saucy mouth. I use it a lot, especially early in a spanking.

It can also leave some interesting patterns on the bottom due to the rubber covering. The bumpy feel of it rubbed across the flesh prior to a smack can really wake up the spankee and build anticipation :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

School Desk 3

Yes, it was in fact a wince as she sat down to finish out her detention sitting on a sore tush. Miss O'Bryan was no stranger to school CP and she never wanted to admit it got to her, even if her demeanor and improved behavior proved otherwise. "Now young lady, if you can follow the rules for the rest of the day this punishment is over." "I will, sir, I promise." "Good, now let me just make a call to your home and this matter will be closed.

That got a definite wince….and a gulp.

Kat's guardian was waiting for her as she came home. "Ummm, hi." She said a little nervously. "Good afternoon, how was school?" "Oh, fine." I tired of the verbal play and came out with it. "OK young lady, what is this I hear about you getting punished at school?" She began to argue, but knew the jig was up. "Well I got caught reading in detention and got spanked with a ruler….." I stared at her a moment. "And, um got paddled by the headmaster as well." She said looking down. "What were you reading?" "Just a magazine" "Uh huh, I heard it was a Cosmo." "Everyone reads those!" "Not proper young ladies. Especially not at school. You know what I promised you if you got spanked at school again, don't you." Kat gently nodded and looked away.

I took her hand and pulled her to my side as I sat on the bed. Over my knee she went and I positioned her so that her naughty bottom was in perfect range of my palm. I flipped up her short plaid skirt and rested my hand on her panties. "What do I need to do to get your attention?" I began spanking her briskly on the seat of her underwear and soon I could see pink cheeks shining out from around the edges of the cotton knickers. I didn't notice any major marks from the paddle or ruler. Apparently they are way too lenient at this school when it comes to disciplining a misbehaving girl. Down came her panties as I set about remedying this.
I gave Kat a good 3 to 4 minute sound spanking on her bare bottom, careful to cover every inch.

When I was done I could see a nice red shade all around and could feel the heat radiating off her baked buns. I stood her up. "I hope we're getting somewhere". "Oh, you are…I'll never get into trouble at school again" I was not convinced as I had heard that multiple times before. I told her it was time to make sure and ordered her to lie face down on the bed.

"Noooooo, I'll be good." "Now young lady or we'll do this every night this week." Without any choice she lay bottom up on the bed. I walked up next to her face to be sure she saw me remove my belt. I did so slowly for the effect to sink in. I lifted her skirt back up and doubled up the leather. "Ok, 12 swats with the belt…count the out loud." SMACK…one, SMACK,,,,ooooh two. I continued the count up to 12 and made sure to spread the stripes around. When I was done I could see a very red bottom and again felt the heat.

"Now you are to stay in your room the rest of the night and think about your behavior at school." I walked out and smiled…what a fun scene.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

L O L !!


No I'm not laughing out loud this time. LOL stands for Love Our Lurkers. It's a program put together by Bonnie over at The idea is to encourage those who lurk and read the various spanking blogs to step up and make a comment or 2.

Even though this blog is fairly new, I know I have some lurkers out there somewhere (heck I went over 1000 hits today). Not everyone has the interest in having their own blog, but there are plenty of enthusiasts who love to read about others thoughts and experiences. Lurking in the shadows, hoping for know who you are ;) Seriously though, I appreciate anyone reading and know some people are just a little shy about commenting.

So give it a shot and comment either on this entry or a past one. You can even be anonymous if you want; but you get bonus points for letting me know who you are. What are these bonus points worth you might ask? Well lets just say there is a certain brat with another blog who has a date with Tool number III based on the success of this promotion. Or if my blog doesn't do it for you, comment on one of my favorites listed on the right.

I just think it's a great way for those of us spanko-types to build a little community and get some talk going about our favorite topic.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tools of the Trade IX

This is my rubber strap. It's basically a thin piece of rubber that has been shaped into a strap shape. It's homemade and was given to me at a spanking party. It doesn't seem like much but it really builds a fire in the caboose.
Most spankees start reacting almost immediately. It is good because its fairly quiet and doesn't cause much marking. Well it will make a bottom nice and red but not usually bruises. It's the first rubber item I ever got and I'm still quite fond of it.
It's not all that big and is easily used in the OTK position unlike some of the large prison type rubber straps that are available. Not saying I wouldn't get one of those, but I generally prefer the good ole over the knee style tools.

Lots of times it's tough to get a good swat with this one because of all the wriggling and twisting related to it. A very effective implement. It rolls up and is easy to hide when necessary.

Friday, November 7, 2008

School Desk 2

Part II
"Why it's Miss Obryan in the corner. I wish I could say that is a surprise. Young lady why are you in time out?" She hesitated a moment before realizing that stalling or lying would make her situation worse. "Well, I, uh, got caught reading a magazine in detention." "Oh, well that is rather minor for you. And what happened?" "I got spanked with the ruler." At first the headmaster thought that was more than adequate punishment until he noticed the actual magazine on the desk.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? A very inappropriate magazine indeed. Miss Obryan you just cannot keep out of trouble can you?" "It's just a magazine!" she said again to deaf ears. The headmaster went on to list her various transgressions this quarter and to remind her that he gave her a break by just giving her detention for this one. Since she had blatently disrespected the detention room, now she was getting the Senior Paddle. "Oh no." "Yes Miss Obryan, I gave you a chance and you blew it."

Mr Publikk took the wooden school paddle with holes and directed her to the desk. "20 swats this time, since you got off lightly in the first place." Kat had no choice but to comply. Her bottom already stung, she couldn't take the chance of making it worse.
He immediately raised her skirt and aimed the paddle on the fleshiest parts of her cheeks, patting her pantied bottom lightly as he measured his aim. She was ordered to count them out. Smack! 'One' Smack! 'Two'... By five she was squirming a bit and he made sure numbers 8 and 10 were real zingers. Kat held her position, even though it was a struggle. "Ok Miss Obryan how many was that?" "10 sir." "And how many to go" "10 more, ugh." "Yes and since you have been such a bad girl lately, these last 10 will be on the bare." "Oh no, please!.

The administrator disregarded her pleas and shucked her cute Victoria Secret undies right to her knees. After admiring the view of her pink cheeks, he steeled himself to finish the lesson.
Smack! 11, Smack 12, ugh! After the number 20 was reached he stood her up and scolder her sternly. Kat was informed in no uncertain terms that any more problems this year would be dealt with via strict corporal punishment. This would go along with any loss of priveldges or detention that came along with the offense. What's more...all swats would be bare bottom and her modesty would not be considered. "Is that understood my dear?" "Yes sir, crystal clear." There was no hint of smart mouth in her response. She was allowed to replace her underthings and had to sit back down on the hard wood desk to serve out her detention.

Was that a wince as she sat down??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tools of the Trade VIII

This is my spanking ruler. It's not a real measuring device, instead it was specifically designed to smack a bottom. It's a little thicker than a regular ruler and is just about a foot long. It has been coated with several layers of sealant. That's important for real use because a typical ruler can be very prone to splintering; and no one wants that. The edges have been smothed and coated plus the extra thickness gives it strength.

It gives a good bite because it concentrates the sting to a narrow band. I'd like one that is longer so I could reach both cheeks at once, but this is nice for lighter use. It is very effective on the undercurve of the bottom and the crease between the cheeks and upper thighs. I can aim very precisely with this implement. Excellent for a school-type scene and it makes a nice crack when I smack it into my palm as a lead in to the spanking.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The School Desk

Part 1

The picture is of a very naughty schoolgirl about to be spanked over her desk for breaking the rules.

This is the story of a roleplay, but for this girl's was very real.

Kat O'Bryan was sent to detention for misbehaving (again) and was expected to sit at her desk and get caught up with her school work. She arrived with some books and a bit of an attitude. I could tell she didn't want to be there, but she could only blame herself and her poor behavior.
Things began quietly enough, with her seemingly content to sit and read to herself. All that changed when I walked by and I could see that she wasn't really reading her school book. If you look closely she is actually reading a magazine stashed away behind her actual book. This is a definite no no in detention! Enough to get her a stern talking-to and have the magazine taken away. Perhaps an extra hour of detention time.


upon closer inspection...

she is reading...

a Cosmo magazine!

Not only is that completely improper behavior for a young lady, that sort of thing is not even allowed in this school. Much less during detention!

I asked Kat most sternly what she had behind the book. She gives me an innocent look like she couldn't do anything wrong and asks me whatever do I mean? "I mean the pseudo-pornographic magazine you have there" I said as I pulled out the offending periodical. The large print on the top said 'Super Sex Secrets'......gasp.

"Absolutely unacceptable behavior for a young lady in this academy Miss O'Bryan. This infraction will require discipline." Her eyes opened wide and she said "It's just a magazine" . I explained that it is a very improper magazine and below our standards. I grabbed the ruler and told her to rise. She did so slowly and began to plead "Please,'s just a magazine, I was bored." I told her I would fix her boredom.

I instructed her to bend over the desk and keep her position. She was going to get 20 swats with the ruler. "Whatever" Kat mumbled as she took her position in a huff. "Ok, now it's 25...any more commentary?" "No sir" she said and resigned herself to her fate.

After the first 5 on her short skirt it was obvious that these smacks were not getting through. So the plaid skirt was lifted and the next 20 were on her regulation white cotton bikini underwear. I had her count out the last 10. She stood and rubbed her behind through her skirt. "I don't want to see anything like this in school again, young lady." "No sir, you won't." I sent her to the corner, hands on her head to seal the lesson as I continued to lecture her on proper decorum in the detetention room.
A few minutes later the headmaster, Mr Publikk, entered the room. (I love playing multiple roles in a scene)