Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Should Know Better II

Part 2 of story....

As she stood in the corner I could hear her sniffling and she was wiping her eyes. I brought her some tissues and asked if she was OK. She was but the heat was certainly getting to her. I gave her a few minutes to regain composure and sat back down with my large, soft leather paddle. I called her to me and she slowly came back to my lap.

I gave her a good paddling with the leather. They were only light to moderate smacks but they came fast and I concentrated on the lower half of her rump and the crease it forms with her thighs. This had her almost wriggling off my lap. I held her fast and continued with my work, making her bottom a nice shade of red. She whimpered and asked for another break and I reminded her that was up to me not her but I stopped and just rubbed the paddle on her skin. Once she calmed down a little I gave her a quick flurry of firm smacks and released her once again.

After a few minutes to cool off I grabbed my balsa wood paddle. This is a medium sized paddle, kind of thick but very light. I directed her back over my knee and made some circles on her bottom with the paddle. I asked how much the bounced check was for and announced she would be getting forty with this paddle. I told her to count them out. I gave them in sets of ten with the last two of each set harder than the others. I asked her if she was going to bounce any more checks and she promised repeatedly to never do it again. At this point I believed her.

By the third set she was really feeling punished. "Twenty-uh-one, twe...twe.. twenty ttttwo, oh, uh this really stings, oooh". She struggled through the last few but got through them. I told her she was doing great and gave her another tissue. She wasn't outright bawling but there was a lot of sniffling and tears in her eyes. I let her rest and regain control as she sat on the chair and remarked how hot her butt was. I informed her it was bright red but nothing too alarming. "Ouch."

I picked up my wooden school-type paddle and told her it was time to be punished for rubbing without permission. She assured me it was not necessary and that she understood not to do that again. I explained the rules have to be enforced. Even though it had been several months, she still had been spanked by me many times before and knew the deal. I really don't have many rules during a spanking but I felt I must make the point.

I told Minnie to bend over with her hands on the seat of the chair. I instructed her to hold still and no standing up or we'd start over. I gave the swats firmly but only about 1/2 strength since her bottom was already sore. I waited almost a minute between swats to make sure they sunk in. She kicked and shook her bottom after each swat but stayed put. When I let her up she asked if it was OK to rub. I said yes, it was all over now.

The lesson was learned and I really think she'll be careful with that checkbook now.

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