Friday, June 19, 2009


By the time I got up Saturday morning I knew it was too much fun to leave early Sunday so I called and pushed my flight back to Sunday PM. I took a quick walk on the beach and waded in the warm water. When they say Beach Party they mean it LOL

Later that afternoon I had a meeting with Short4ever. As we started she announced that she is a fan of wood. This is not something I hear a lot and seeing as how I too like wood paddles, I knew this was going to be fun.

We had a long warm up spanking and I had a chance to try out some of their various implements they brought along. Of special interest to me was the Jokari paddle. I had heard about these and was intrigued.

Apparently Jokari is a paddle type game and the paddle itself is rather thick and looks like a cross between a ping pong paddle and a racket ball racket. It really felt good in my hand...very balanced. I gave her a nice sound spanking with this little gem. I also had the opportunity to try out my new ruler strap and my meanie. Yes, the reactions tend to show that it is a little mean.

S4E and I had a nice scene and a good, sound spanking but nothing over the top. We had a great conversation about the psychology of spanking. The idea of really looking at the people involved with spanking as actual people and not just automatically classifying spanking as an abnormal behavior. She spoke about doing some scientific research on this in her studies and I hope that pans out. You should be hearing more about this in my blog because I have always wanted to see some real study on this interest that does not begin with a bias against those of us with the proclivity to spank.

That's all for tonight but more will be coming on the party. In the meantime I will probably be searching ebay for a Jokari paddle...


Anonymous said...

Spankos snatch them up really fast on least when there are people talking about them anyhow.

I should go on ebay and just bid on them to drive the price up! :D I certainly don't want to own one though!

OZ said...

Hello ,

We have a Spankoz Jokari Page ( ) and another on Spankoz Spanking Blog ( ) .

Enjoy !

munchkin said...

Interesting. I've heard the name Jokari paddle before but never really paid much attention to what it might be like, and didn't see all the stuff S4E and Siege brought. Sounds like something I'd probably like.

Kate said...

Sir and I have some beach paddles but they are not the jakori kind. Look at your local CVS,Riteaid or even Dollar General amazing what you can find game paddle wise there!
I like wood too after the proper warm up that is! Scunge/Kate

short4ever1 said...

It was really great to play with you too. :) That Jokari is awesome. I was glad you liked it so much. Hope to catch you at another party sometime. If nothing else, next year at FMS.