Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FMS Adventures V

Later that same day, I met up with Ginger and her husband Zed. Ginger and I have been aware of each other's web presence in various arenas for years but this party was our first time to meet. And today was our first time to play.

She had had a pretty good session earlier in the day so she requested I start lightly and see how it went. I'm always in favor of starting lightly, especially with someone new. We needed to feel each other out. She dropped her shorts and we started out with a nice long OTK hand spanking. Starting lightly and slowly increasing the intensity.

It was a nice scene where we chatted throughout the first part of the spanking and we had a chance to get acquainted on a more direct level I guess you could say.

After she had an idea of how I spank and she was nicely warmed up I switched to my new strap from the London Tanner. I was really getting the feel for this item and figuring out the best way to hold it, the aim etc. It is a short strap but it always takes a little practice. Her bottom was a nice rich red by this point.

I eventually used the new meanie strap and it really gave Ginger a nice sting (so I heard anyway). I really like this new tool. From there I also used my handy-dandy shadowlane paddle which is similar to a hairbrush. This device sunk in and I got some reactions from her. This scene was at least 30 minutes in length and at the end her bottom was quite red and hot. We both had a great time with this one and it was nice getting to know this fun couple.

During this spanking Zed was snapping pictures from many different angles. It was pretty neat feeling like I was at a photo shoot...I've not been photographed spanking a whole lot. Zed has a very nice camera and got some fantastic pics. He even shot a couple videos that came out nice, but the sound is not fully synchronized. He is going to mess with it some and see if he can put them together and if so, I may post at least one.

It was getting close to time for the dinner so it was time to let everyone get ready. I heard there was a late-afternoon Spankopoly game brewing downstairs so I figured I might as well stop by...


Anonymous said...

Oh, that ginger...she is a naughty one for sure!

Glad you guys had such a good time.

ZED and ginger said...

what a nice recap. :) It was a most pleasant experience, and one I hope to repeat.


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