Friday, April 3, 2009

Tools of the Trade XVI

This is my official spanking chair. I am very much interested in the old-fashioned aspects of spanking. Correct positioning, the rituals and of course the straight-backed wooden chair. To me this is a very traditional image which reminds many of us of good old-fashioned spankings.

I chose this chair for just this purpose. It's austere and very solid. It provides me a very good base on which to place the naughty young lady across my lap. It is also sturdy enough to use the seat as a place for the disciplinee to place her hands when bending her over for a formal paddling.

Over the knee is my favorite position and this chair is perfect for it. I have spanked in a variety of locations and have used many different types of seats. Sometimes for protracted spankings or if the spankee has a back problem for instance, a bed or couch works well. I think it's important to be adaptive.

But in a perfect world, a solid wood chair is the perfect place to sit to give a sound OTK spanking!


A.S.S. said...

Great chair. This is part of a spanking that is often overlooked... but it does make a difference and it does make a statement. A chair like this is great for a spanking. Not only for the spanker... but for the spankee to sit in before the spanking (creates more focus).

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that seeing that chair gave me the butterflies. Especially with the brush sitting on it. Just waiting, waiting. God how I love/hate those kinds of viuals. I love them because I can be sitting in the most boring of meetings and think of it. Suddenly my face turns red and I think everyone in the room just saw that chair with me. It does wonders to re-focus me on the boring meeting. And I guess saying that I hate the chair and the brush sitting on it, isnt really fair. I hate it when im actually over someones lap who is sitting on it and getting spanked with that brush. Then Im not so much of a fan of it LOL.
Just had to post after seeing that picture. I also wanted to tell you that I like your blog :0)

Spanked Girls said...

Hi, i like your blog. I have a spanking blog to. If you like we can exchange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know what you think.


short4ever1 said...

Official spanking chair = fire wood.

I'm joking!!

The ritual can really add to the feel of the scene. I know for me as a bottom it can really help to put me in that head space.