Sunday, November 2, 2008

The School Desk

Part 1

The picture is of a very naughty schoolgirl about to be spanked over her desk for breaking the rules.

This is the story of a roleplay, but for this girl's was very real.

Kat O'Bryan was sent to detention for misbehaving (again) and was expected to sit at her desk and get caught up with her school work. She arrived with some books and a bit of an attitude. I could tell she didn't want to be there, but she could only blame herself and her poor behavior.
Things began quietly enough, with her seemingly content to sit and read to herself. All that changed when I walked by and I could see that she wasn't really reading her school book. If you look closely she is actually reading a magazine stashed away behind her actual book. This is a definite no no in detention! Enough to get her a stern talking-to and have the magazine taken away. Perhaps an extra hour of detention time.


upon closer inspection...

she is reading...

a Cosmo magazine!

Not only is that completely improper behavior for a young lady, that sort of thing is not even allowed in this school. Much less during detention!

I asked Kat most sternly what she had behind the book. She gives me an innocent look like she couldn't do anything wrong and asks me whatever do I mean? "I mean the pseudo-pornographic magazine you have there" I said as I pulled out the offending periodical. The large print on the top said 'Super Sex Secrets'......gasp.

"Absolutely unacceptable behavior for a young lady in this academy Miss O'Bryan. This infraction will require discipline." Her eyes opened wide and she said "It's just a magazine" . I explained that it is a very improper magazine and below our standards. I grabbed the ruler and told her to rise. She did so slowly and began to plead "Please,'s just a magazine, I was bored." I told her I would fix her boredom.

I instructed her to bend over the desk and keep her position. She was going to get 20 swats with the ruler. "Whatever" Kat mumbled as she took her position in a huff. "Ok, now it's 25...any more commentary?" "No sir" she said and resigned herself to her fate.

After the first 5 on her short skirt it was obvious that these smacks were not getting through. So the plaid skirt was lifted and the next 20 were on her regulation white cotton bikini underwear. I had her count out the last 10. She stood and rubbed her behind through her skirt. "I don't want to see anything like this in school again, young lady." "No sir, you won't." I sent her to the corner, hands on her head to seal the lesson as I continued to lecture her on proper decorum in the detetention room.
A few minutes later the headmaster, Mr Publikk, entered the room. (I love playing multiple roles in a scene)

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