Friday, November 7, 2008

School Desk 2

Part II
"Why it's Miss Obryan in the corner. I wish I could say that is a surprise. Young lady why are you in time out?" She hesitated a moment before realizing that stalling or lying would make her situation worse. "Well, I, uh, got caught reading a magazine in detention." "Oh, well that is rather minor for you. And what happened?" "I got spanked with the ruler." At first the headmaster thought that was more than adequate punishment until he noticed the actual magazine on the desk.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? A very inappropriate magazine indeed. Miss Obryan you just cannot keep out of trouble can you?" "It's just a magazine!" she said again to deaf ears. The headmaster went on to list her various transgressions this quarter and to remind her that he gave her a break by just giving her detention for this one. Since she had blatently disrespected the detention room, now she was getting the Senior Paddle. "Oh no." "Yes Miss Obryan, I gave you a chance and you blew it."

Mr Publikk took the wooden school paddle with holes and directed her to the desk. "20 swats this time, since you got off lightly in the first place." Kat had no choice but to comply. Her bottom already stung, she couldn't take the chance of making it worse.
He immediately raised her skirt and aimed the paddle on the fleshiest parts of her cheeks, patting her pantied bottom lightly as he measured his aim. She was ordered to count them out. Smack! 'One' Smack! 'Two'... By five she was squirming a bit and he made sure numbers 8 and 10 were real zingers. Kat held her position, even though it was a struggle. "Ok Miss Obryan how many was that?" "10 sir." "And how many to go" "10 more, ugh." "Yes and since you have been such a bad girl lately, these last 10 will be on the bare." "Oh no, please!.

The administrator disregarded her pleas and shucked her cute Victoria Secret undies right to her knees. After admiring the view of her pink cheeks, he steeled himself to finish the lesson.
Smack! 11, Smack 12, ugh! After the number 20 was reached he stood her up and scolder her sternly. Kat was informed in no uncertain terms that any more problems this year would be dealt with via strict corporal punishment. This would go along with any loss of priveldges or detention that came along with the offense. What's more...all swats would be bare bottom and her modesty would not be considered. "Is that understood my dear?" "Yes sir, crystal clear." There was no hint of smart mouth in her response. She was allowed to replace her underthings and had to sit back down on the hard wood desk to serve out her detention.

Was that a wince as she sat down??


Anonymous said...

NO! There was no wince being caused from your grampa shoulder!

Anonymous said...

I love school roleplays with strict headmasters, great story :)