Saturday, November 15, 2008

School Desk 3

Yes, it was in fact a wince as she sat down to finish out her detention sitting on a sore tush. Miss O'Bryan was no stranger to school CP and she never wanted to admit it got to her, even if her demeanor and improved behavior proved otherwise. "Now young lady, if you can follow the rules for the rest of the day this punishment is over." "I will, sir, I promise." "Good, now let me just make a call to your home and this matter will be closed.

That got a definite wince….and a gulp.

Kat's guardian was waiting for her as she came home. "Ummm, hi." She said a little nervously. "Good afternoon, how was school?" "Oh, fine." I tired of the verbal play and came out with it. "OK young lady, what is this I hear about you getting punished at school?" She began to argue, but knew the jig was up. "Well I got caught reading in detention and got spanked with a ruler….." I stared at her a moment. "And, um got paddled by the headmaster as well." She said looking down. "What were you reading?" "Just a magazine" "Uh huh, I heard it was a Cosmo." "Everyone reads those!" "Not proper young ladies. Especially not at school. You know what I promised you if you got spanked at school again, don't you." Kat gently nodded and looked away.

I took her hand and pulled her to my side as I sat on the bed. Over my knee she went and I positioned her so that her naughty bottom was in perfect range of my palm. I flipped up her short plaid skirt and rested my hand on her panties. "What do I need to do to get your attention?" I began spanking her briskly on the seat of her underwear and soon I could see pink cheeks shining out from around the edges of the cotton knickers. I didn't notice any major marks from the paddle or ruler. Apparently they are way too lenient at this school when it comes to disciplining a misbehaving girl. Down came her panties as I set about remedying this.
I gave Kat a good 3 to 4 minute sound spanking on her bare bottom, careful to cover every inch.

When I was done I could see a nice red shade all around and could feel the heat radiating off her baked buns. I stood her up. "I hope we're getting somewhere". "Oh, you are…I'll never get into trouble at school again" I was not convinced as I had heard that multiple times before. I told her it was time to make sure and ordered her to lie face down on the bed.

"Noooooo, I'll be good." "Now young lady or we'll do this every night this week." Without any choice she lay bottom up on the bed. I walked up next to her face to be sure she saw me remove my belt. I did so slowly for the effect to sink in. I lifted her skirt back up and doubled up the leather. "Ok, 12 swats with the belt…count the out loud." SMACK…one, SMACK,,,,ooooh two. I continued the count up to 12 and made sure to spread the stripes around. When I was done I could see a very red bottom and again felt the heat.

"Now you are to stay in your room the rest of the night and think about your behavior at school." I walked out and smiled…what a fun scene.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you. I got your link from MBS. I love belt spankings but sadly they're under-represented in the fiction. No sound more beautiful or full of promise than the slithery slurp of a belt coming out of the loops.

I'm going back and read it again.

Also, I like that it was tastefully written and not full of vulgar, gutter language or trendy-speak.
~ MissH

Chloe said...

Great story. Think i need a spanking like that to help me behave ;-) Chloe