Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Spanking?

I wonder if anyone have any interesting spanking stories from Halloween? It's one of my favorite holidays because for one day, spanking is accepted as almost mainstream. You can be a naughty school girl or a strict principal with a paddle and people just laugh. It's also a good time to float the idea of spanking to a vanilla type to see if there is any interest without completely outing yourself.

About 3 years ago my then girlfriend and I planned to go to a Halloween party as a matched set. She was going to be a catholic schoolgirl with the plaid skirt and I was going to be a ruler-toting nun. Hey you have to admit there is something sexy about a cigar smoking nun who needs a shave spanking girls with a wooden stick. Really.

Unfortunately we had a wardrobe malfunction a few hours before the party. She was shortening the plaid skirt we picked up at the Salvation Army (she was going to be very naughty, you see) and ended up tearing it and going too far. There wasn't enough to salvage. Luckily we had also bought a leopard skin skirt at the same time (also short) so she ended up going as a lady of the evening.

I was still the nun but left the ruler at home. I guess it would still work for a nun to scold and spank a hussy for her poor conduct but somehow the magic had been lost with the school skirt.

Does anyone have any spanky halloween stories to share?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... a sexy nun in need of a shave... Yeah. That's hot. I'm sure it worked for you.

A.S.S. said...

Very cool that you have a blog. Found it thanks to Kat... so a good girl spanking for her. :)

As for Halloween spanking... hmmm... would be a GREAT day for spanking, but it seems we're always busy with something. Need to go out... get dressed up. Maybe next year!

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

WHOO-WHO!!! A good girl spanking for Kat!!!

I'm not used to 'good girl' and Kat being in the same sentence! :-D

Spanky said...

Awesome pumpkin!