Tuesday, November 11, 2008

L O L !!


No I'm not laughing out loud this time. LOL stands for Love Our Lurkers. It's a program put together by Bonnie over at http://bottomsmarts.blogspot.com/. The idea is to encourage those who lurk and read the various spanking blogs to step up and make a comment or 2.

Even though this blog is fairly new, I know I have some lurkers out there somewhere (heck I went over 1000 hits today). Not everyone has the interest in having their own blog, but there are plenty of enthusiasts who love to read about others thoughts and experiences. Lurking in the shadows, hoping for pictures...you know who you are ;) Seriously though, I appreciate anyone reading and know some people are just a little shy about commenting.

So give it a shot and comment either on this entry or a past one. You can even be anonymous if you want; but you get bonus points for letting me know who you are. What are these bonus points worth you might ask? Well lets just say there is a certain brat with another blog who has a date with Tool number III based on the success of this promotion. Or if my blog doesn't do it for you, comment on one of my favorites listed on the right.

I just think it's a great way for those of us spanko-types to build a little community and get some talk going about our favorite topic.


Anonymous said...

HEY! You stole my idea!


We can make it a contest... see who has more comments! ;)

Katerina said...

Let me know how many bonus points this gets our little friend :)

Bonnie said...


Bonus points you say? I'll do better than telling you who I am. My whole spanko life story is posted on my blog. That ought to be good for one real sore bottom, don't you think?

In any case, thanks for joining in LOL 2008 and making it fun.

With warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Just leaving an assurance that your blog is read...ok a lot. Best wishes on LOL day :-)dieseldiva


First time I've seen your blog, I think I will be back again at some other time to give it a proper nose through.


Kate said...

I still say that PLASTIC is EVIL but I love your blog.

A.S.S. said...

Not lurkers... but wanted to say hi... and of course, do anything we can do to get a brat spanked.

Todd & Suzy

Tigger4MC said...

Hey - I saw your link on A.S.S and thought I'd check it out. Very Cool!

Dr. Ken said...

Just dropping in to wish you an enjoyable LOL Day!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

Daisy said...

Hi, Sorry I'm late, but better late than never! Haha, and at least I know I can't be spanked for being late commenting to you, cos my bf doesn't know of your blog!
Its great, btw, so keep writing and I will keep reading and commenting, (and maybe bratting!)!
Hugs, xxx