Friday, November 21, 2008

Months Overdue - Story

Part I

Mary is a girl I have been meeting with since the Spring of this year. She is a graduate student at a local university and is quite intelligent, especially about academic matters. However sometimes the more mundane details of life get away from her and she needs a discipline session to get her attention. Almost like an absent-minded professor type situation, I guess you’d say. She is 25 years old and comes from very permissive parents meaning she was brand new to the experience of punishment and discipline prior to meeting me.

On this day she came over to atone for a list of naughtiness. Mainly for not keeping up with her housekeeping and getting a lot of parking tickets. She also has a problem with forgetting to brush her teeth. We had not met in about a month and the last time was more of a stress-release thing. This was her first true discipline in about 2 months. She was overdue.
I scolded her about her lack of attention to some basic details of everyday living. Racking up a bunch of parking tickets, not staying current with emails, her house was a mess and she had been neglecting her hygiene. I asked if a very sound spanking would help her remember in the future. She had to agree it would.

I sat in my wooden chair and took her over my knee. I began to spank her lightly all over the seat of her jeans. I began to get more firm with the spanks after a few minutes. I wanted her to get a nice warm up, since she needs a harder spanking than most. I ordered her to stand and drop her jeans. She just stepped out of them and I took her back OTK. I began to really warm up her panties as the hand spanking progressed. I alternated between a flury of lighter to moderate spanks with a few very hard ones which got her to react a little bit. I asked if she remembered now what a spanking was like. Yes sir she did. I pulled the panties down to her knees and waited a moment, letting the exposure sink in.

I gave her a very good spanking on the bare until her entire hind area was nice and red and I could tell the stinging was setting in. I stood her up and sent her to the corner, hands on her head to think a moment. While she stood there I got out my leather paddle and a small wood paddle, similar to a hairbrush. Back over my knee Mary felt the leather paddle really warm her bottom and I punctuated my scolding with some especially hard whacks at the base of her bottom. Then I gave her a good, sound spanking with the wood paddle. This really had her moving around and squirming. I even had a few grunts and gasps on some of the hard whacks.
I asked about the parking tickets. She hadn’t gotten any ‘this week’ and she ‘thought’ she had paid them all off. I encouraged her to make sure as we continued the discussion. It also came out that she had had a small party 2 weeks prior and had not completely cleaned up yet.

However I was assured anything that would spoil was cleaned immediately. As I spanked her some more, I was given a promise to clean up completely that night. (one day I really need to make a visit for an inspection) Her bottom was now very warm and getting bright red. I gave several solid whacks to her sit spots to make sure it stuck and a couple lighter ones to her upper thighs. Back to the corner she went.


Belle said...

I enjoyed this story. It sounds like Mary learned quite the lesson. Is there a part 2?

Publikk said...

Thanks and Mary's lesson continues soon....