Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tools of the Trade X

This is my trusty ping pong paddle (or table tennis bat to some).

It is one of my all-time favorites. It is thin and gives a good sting but doesn't leave nasty bruises. It is very good for over the knee spanking because it's compact. It can also cover most of a cheek.

I also like these because they are pretty easily available. Lots of people have these hanging around and it doesn't scream 'spanking implement'. Well it does for people like me :) but not so much for the vanilla world. They are also pretty cheap and easy to find in walmart, kmarts etc when you're in a pinch.

There is just something special about an implement that is found in many homes and lives a non-spanking life until grabbed by a determined discipliner. Just screams domestic discipline to me. Think of how many spankers over the years who have grabbed one from the 'rumpus room' to deal with a bad attitude or saucy mouth. I use it a lot, especially early in a spanking.

It can also leave some interesting patterns on the bottom due to the rubber covering. The bumpy feel of it rubbed across the flesh prior to a smack can really wake up the spankee and build anticipation :)


Dave said...

very cool. one of my earliest memories is thumbing through a friend's parents adult/sleazy/porno novel when I was a young kid in middle school, and I somehow stumbled upon a highly sexualized spanking scene, innvolving a ping pong paddle.

I've never been the same since! :-)


Spanky said...

That brings back memories, as a ping pong paddle was our first spanking implement. We haven't used it in a long time. Maybe I should find it and give it a workout, in case it feels lonely? All Dave's points are good, too.

Anonymous said...

In a pinch????????? How often are you in a pinch there Pubsie??

Publikk said...

I think the ping pong paddle is featured in the beginnings of the interest for a lot of us.

I travel a lot, sometimes I don't have any tools with me and have to make due ;)