Saturday, November 29, 2008

Overdue Part 2

After a few minutes of cornertime I called her out. She was learning a lesson but more was need to make it memorable.We had spoken about a good punishment for the teeth thing but I don’t know if she believed me. I marched her to the bathroom with her panties at her ankles. She stood with a nervous expression as I took a fresh bar of dial out of the package and told her she needed to learn the hard way. I lather up the soap and pushed it in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes I ran some more water, re lathered and put it back in. I had her hold the soap for a few minutes as I smacked her bare bottom with my hand as I scolded her. I suggested that toothpaste probably tasted better than this and was a better option.

She tried to talk but it was hard to understand. At one point thought I heard a ‘fuck’ come out oof her mouth and I reminded Mary this was not a good time to swear at me. She agreed and assured me she hadn’t. I mentioned that she could be brushing her teeth with the soap, she needed to watch her mouth and follow directions at this point.

After a couple moments to rinse etc., I had her bend over the school desk in the classic paddling position. Legs straight, bottom out, feet shoulder-length apart. I took the rubber paddle and gave her about 25 smacks with that all over her bottom. She is not a fan of this tool and made her displeasure known. Then about 10with the large wood hairbrush, alternating cheeks. This thing packs a real wallop and I could tell she was feeling them.

I had her replace her jeans and bend back over. 12 swats with the school paddle was to be the icing on the cake, so to speak. Swats 1-3 were moderate and number 4 was pretty hard. On number 5 I noticed there was a crack in the wood and by 12 the paddle was almost in 2 pieces. So the last several had to be done lightly, but the message had been sent. Promises to behave better were given and the punishment was over.

She hated the thought of the paddle being left half-broken so in a playful session she bent back over and 3 whacks later it broke completely in 2. This paddle is actually hers and she had left it with me since it was just more convenient. It seems appropriate it was broken on her backside LOL. We played a bit more with her getting some more with my own school paddle, since she was very interested in trying out the desk some more. She left.

*Note…this paddle broke along a grain in the wood. I really didn’t swing all that hard. Really. Not all the whacks, anyway


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing part 2. Soap does taste yuck. Jean

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Anonymous said...


Something tells me that I should start brushing my teeth more reguraly then what I did especially after hearing you washed someone's mouth out with soap for not doing so.