Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tools of the Trade VII

This is one of my wooden school paddles. I have another that is identical except it has holes. This one is fairly thick and is a formidable instrument of discipline. I usually use it over jeans (just like in school), because it can be a harsh implement if not used with care. I think it's almost too big to use on the bare unless it is used lightly. It's very important to aim a paddle like this to the lower part of the cheeks where the most padding is. Interestingly this is also the part of your butt that you use to sit :)
I'm very into school paddling so this is a favorite for me. I don't role play an awful lot, but school scenes really appeal to me. So this type of paddle is perfect. In a playful setting you can build a good sting without hitting super hard. Just holding it in my hand tends to focus the attention on the girl who has a date with it.
For punishment purposes, this tool can really send a message. I will use it at the end of a longer punishment so that the lesson will be remembered. In those situations it will be very hard on the clothed bottom or a little less on the panties. You don't need a lot of swats with this beauty to know you got spanked!

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