Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tools of the Trade V

This is my wooden hairbrush. It's nothing too special, just a standard brush I got at a hair salon supply store. It's small and compact but also delivers a painful swat to the bottom. It has a short handle so it doesn't have the leverage of a bath brush but it's easy to control and I can really give a good spanking with it. A hairbrush tends to combine the sting and thud factors so control is important. This combination usually means I have a squirming girl on my lap and I want something I can easily aim well.
I like it because it's a really traditional implement and it carries with it all the mental and emotional elements of an old-fashioned spanking just like mom used to give! It also looks like a regular household item so it is easy to be discreet with it. I travel a lot on airplanes so this is a good one to bring along. If anything happens it should be overlooked by security. It is rarely overlooked by the naughty girl who happens to gain its attention however.

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