Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tools of the Trade III

This is my official spanking strap. OK there is nothing official about it other than it's a strap designed with spanking in mind. It's basically like a thick leather belt that has been folded over and the ends connected together forming a handle. It's fairly heavy but not too long. I can use it OTK as long as I position the spankee just so, but I usually use it on someone who is lying face down. Over pillows on the bed is the preferred.
It's soft and supple and looks imposing. Sometimes I prefer it to using my belt because it's got a handle so I don't have to hold the ends together. It gives a good solid sting and a little bit of thud but nothing like a wood paddle. I like the fact that it's not too long so it's easy to keep it from wrapping. I'll use it for several strokes on one side, then walk around and give some from the other side. I can give solid strokes with this thing.
Of course a belt has other benefits. One is that it's very available and has a vanilla life of its own. there is also something to be said for the look on a girl's face as she sees and hears the buckle undone and the belt slip off.

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