Monday, October 27, 2008

Tools of the Trade VI

This is my small leather strap. It's kind of thin and short. It's not good for a real hard punishment type strappings, but more for a lighter warm up style. Though when applied with vigor it delivers a real sting!

Because it's short I can use it OTK and still keep control of it, which is important with a strap. The flexibility of them can cause them to get away from you.

Because it's small and thin it can also be used to pinpoint some smacks on the sensitive bottom-thigh junction, and other more delicate areas. These always seem to cause a reaction :)


Dave said...

nice collection you have. :)

is this strap from The London Tanners per chance? just curious.

Blog on,

Publikk said...

Thanks for the compliment....more Tools coming soon.

Actually this one came from Paddlewerks I think. I do want to get something from the London Tanners is excellent quality stuff!