Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tools of the Trade IV

This is my lightweight wooden paddle which I have nicknamed 'Red Death'. I came up with this nickname based on the reaction I get from pretty much every girl I've ever spanked with it. These reactions run from the physical: wriggling, bucking, kicking etc; to the verbal: 'please not that one', 'I don't deserve THAT' etc; to the non-verbal: pleading eyes, backing away, covering the bottom etc.
It doesn't seem like much, only about 14 inches long and rather thin. When you pick it up you can barely feel the weight. But the sting it produces is quite impressive. I've been told it's similar to a hairbrush without the 'thud'. It warms the bottom very quickly and leaves a lasting impression. I use it in punishment much more than play. The handle is long enough to use for a bent-over paddling but short enough to use OTK, which is how I usually employ it.

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