Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Story: OTK Before Work

OTK Before Work

Lilly is a girl I have been chatting with on and off for a few years. She had a disciplinarian in the past and it helped her a lot. Now she was seeking this again. We don't get a chance to actually meet very often due to our schedules so we had enacted a few rules for her on an online basis. After a long time of chatting and talking between meetings, it was time to lay down the law.

Lilly arrived at my house before work one day. We talked for a while then I got down to business.

"It seems that you still cannot manage to get to bed at a decent time, eh?" "Ummm, usually no...but not always" she said hopefully. "Yes but the overall trend is poor isn't it, young lady?" "Yes, you're right." "No wonder you're so tired at work when you stay up all night playing computer games." "Yeah, it doesn't help" she said quietly. "Well I know something that might just help....a good sound spanking over my knee like you deserve." " Lilly stayed silent, she had no good counter to my argument. "OK time for you to learn a lesson....again."

I sat down on my wooden straight backed chair. It is the perfect venue for an OTK spanking and, to be honest, I got the chair with this use in mind. I took her over my knee. Lilly is a little shorter than me so with her bottom upturned, her toes were just touching the floor. "You are long over due for this" I stated. smack. I began to lightly pepper the seat of her jeans by hand. I spread the spanks around and once I had laid down a pretty good base of heat I stepped up the intensity a notch. These spanks were sinking in, I could tell. "Are you starting to remember what a spanking feels like?" "Yes, I am" SMACK "Yes sir.?" "Yes sir, I am." Lilly is pretty good about being respectful in this position, but sometimes needs a reminder.

I gave her a few hard ones to increase the heat and told her to stand. "OK, time for these to come down.". She just nodded and kicked off her sandals. The jeans came down and I pulled her over my lap again. I rubbed her panties a few times and started in again...smack "Maybe you're starting to feel these more." "Oh yes....yes, sir I am." I gave her a thorough panty-warming. When I was satisfied with the shade of red poking out from underneath her bikini underwear, I hesitated a moment before tugging them down. She wiggled a little bit. Lilly was not completely surprised they were coming down, but I don't know if she was prepared for that moment. I Looked over her bare bottom and took note of where the redness was most prominent. Now it's time for the real lesson to begin.

I spanked moderately at first, spreading the spanks around and making sure all areas got some of the heat-filled attention. "I really hope this is starting to sink in, young lady." "Oooh it is! I promise" I said I hoped so and gave her several sharp spanks that made her jump. I could hear the smacks echo off the walls as I set her tush afire with my palm. "Are you going to do better on gaming all night and not getting your sleep?" "yes...oooh yes I will". A gave her a few hard ones and stood her up. "OK, come over to the wall and think about it". I sat back and watched her in the corner for a moment with her hands on her head and red butt on display. Lilly fidgeted slightly in the corner. I don't know if was because of the heat in her backside or the promise of more to come...

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