Friday, July 1, 2011

OTK Before Work Part 2

I called Lilly back over to the chair. I had the black leather paddle in my hand and I noticed her intentionally look away from it. I put her back over my knee. Once properly positioned I Smacked her soundly with the leather paddle all over the target area. This paddle left a nice even redness and even though I could tell it stung, it's not an overly harsh implement. Very good for building the heat in a naughty girl's posterior but not overly mean if not used extremely hard.

After a few zingers right at the base of her bottom I figured this was a good time to talk.
"So tell me the last time you properly cleaned the apartment." "Well,I cleaned some over the weekend." Smack.."some"? I left the paddle resting on her bottom. "Yes, some" "Could you have done more with your time". "I suppose.." smack smack smack, "Yes sir! I could have." "why didn't you?" " I just got busy with other stuff" smack smack "important stuff?" "Important to me anyway" smack smack. "I don't think this is a good time to get cute" Lilly was in no position to argue. "You're right sir, not that important, I should have done more." I stopped for a moment and discussed it further. "I'm not saying you have to spend all weekend slaving away." " I know you're not" "Glad you agree. So what are your plans this Saturday?"

"I have a gaming event from 1 to 5 PM then I don't know." smack smack smack "You don't know?" "Umm then I can clean?" "Good answer. I think that is a good balance. " "Yes, you're probably right." " So gaming until 5 then get right off the computer and start cleaning." pause. "Right?" I punctuated the question with a loud smack. "Yes sir, I will." "You better because I'll be asking. And if you don't, do you know what will happen?" "Yes, I know." "Which is?". She paused a moment before answering..."umm this". smack smack smack. "What will happen?" SMACK SMACK " I'll get another spanking!" The last few sharp ones illicited the response I was seeking.

After a few more minutes in the corner I picked up the rubber strap known as the red meanie. This is a small rubber strap I got at a spanking party (watch the Tools of the Trade). It doesn't need to be used very hard, usually.

Lilly's bottom was bright red at this point so she didn't need much more. I Rubbed her bottom for a moment and gave her 4 or 5 with the strap. This had her bucking a little bit and she became more verbal.. "Ouch, ooh, I hate this thing" . I stopped and let her settle down. "Now about this attitude at work." "It's getting better I promise" She was about to promise anything it seemed. "It better improve, young lady. Just because other people are being idiots doesn't mean you have to retaliate." " I know but it's hard not to." smack smack "Is it easier to get punished for it?" "No, sir...I'll try harder." "See that you do." "I can't help it if I mutter under my breath sometimes." "As long as it's not audible and makes you look unprofessional, then I know you have to let off steam somehow." "I understand" I gave her a few more with the meanie and set it down. Her bottom was almost glowing and warm to the touch. "OK, back to the corner."

After a few moments to cool down I released her from the corner. We talked for a while and all was OK though she did wince a little pulling up her jeans. "So what about those lines?' "Oh um...they're in the car. " "Good, you'd hate it if you had to re-do them right now. Lilly looked like she was going to say something but just went out to the car to get them. Due to our schedules we can't meet a lot and a month or so earlier her attitude was out of control. Even she admitted that. She really needed a spanking that day, but it was not to be so I gave her a small writing assignment to help her focus on not blowing her top.

'I am being punished for not keeping my attitude in check' due by the end of that upcoming weekend. She assured me all 50 were done but this was the first time I had seen her to collect them. She brought them in and I looked them over. They were all done as directed and fairly neatly too. "I am glad you brought them without being reminded." "Well I wanted credit for them!" she said with an impish grin. "Yeah, full I am sure you didn't want to pay the price right now for not following directions." "No I don't, whatever that would be...and I'm sure I don't want to know either!

We both chuckled and I gave her a hug before sending her off to work on a sore bottom.


senorrose4 said...

Very good!! Hopefully effective, as well!! I like that you are very much in tune with the spankee and that you verbalize as well as "tenderize." This can make the discipline a "positive" experience!!!



breakmydreams said...

Sounds like a session I have had with you about the cleaning *giggles and glances around her and gulps*

Anyways hope she learned her lesson :)

Glad to see you are blogging again :)