Monday, December 8, 2008

Tools of the Trade XII

A belt whuppin' is one of the most traditional methods of corporal punishment.

My belt is a good tool for a number of reasons. For one, it's always available. It's right there on my hip and ready for use when needed. In fact just reaching for my belt buckle can have a positive effect on a young lady's attitude. You need something to hold your pants up, and a thick leather belt is a perfect way to always have a helper available.

I travel a lot and it's good to have a spanking implement that is an everyday object. I can bring it on the plane and not have to worry about it being noticed. It doesn't scream 'Spanking Implement' like a paddle does so it slides right by without a second thought. Even when I don't bring any tools on a trip, I always have my belt available...just in case.

It also is very effective. There is a reason the belt is a time-honored implement of correction. It gives a good solid stinging sensation and also makes a sound that gets someone's attention. A leather belt is supple enough to give a sound spanking but not give the thud of a big paddle. There is definitely an aura about the belt which adds to its effectiveness. "Do I need to take my belt off?" is a question that tends to send shivers and engenders cooperation.

All in all the belt is a great, domestic type tool. And the worried look on the face of a naughty girl when I reach for my belt tells me it's a formidable instrument of discipline.


Kate said...

Now you see this brat happens to LIKE the belt so I'm sorry not a threat to me. Got a lovely belting just this past weekend. Well except for when Sir accidently hit my calf and then said "Oops sorry missed" that one hurt.


pammie said...

Love the belt and the belt picture. Hot.


Daisychain said...

I can't say I enjoy being spanked with the belt, but the threatening sound and sight of it being unbuckled, and snapped out of the loops....ooohhh, sends a delicious feeling of dread whooshing through me.... before the ouch
great pic, by the way, verrrrry sexy....

Anonymous said...

Great picture! There's something about a man and his belt. And the threat of him just removing it just does something to a lady! Btw its always nice to get a mans perspective.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

The belt is what I fear most and he is right, it is always around and available. I was just strapped this last weekend and when they last forever like this one did, it helps me focus more.

Anonymous said...

Friday afternoon my husband led me to the bedroom and the first thing he did was remove his belt and toss it on the bed. Right then I knew I was in for it! After we took our clothes off he led me to the bed, and turned me over to let the spanking begin. I usually like belt spankings, but I was really squirming with this one! Today when he got home from work I was pleased to see he'd worn jeans with no belt! But wouldn't you know he had a paddle stashed closeby so I'd still squirming now!