Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Last year I began what well may become a Christmas tradition in my spanking life (either that or I'll forget all about it). I took this picture of my tree decorated with many of my favorite and useful tools.

I thought it was a hoot. Some called me a nut...some called me obsessed....some called me weird....but NO ONE can call me a Scrooge!

This year I thought I would make the pic a little more interesting by adding a theme.

This season's theme?


I figured what the hey....trees are MADE of wood, right?


Jflame said...

Wow! Is that like an advent tree also? 1 implement used each day?

Gosh if only I lived over there, I'd sneak in in the dead of night to pinch that tree, making as much noise as possible of course so that you'd wake up and just have to use some of those implements on my theving bottom!
Hugs, Jay

Kate said...

Oooh wood I love wood. Lovely tree Sir.