Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Time for Wasting Time...Part 2

I pulled Ally's panties down to her knees and surveyed the damage. Her bottom was turning a nice uniform red, but no real bruises. I began spanking lightly again and filled in the white spaces. After a few more hard ones to wake her up I could start to feel the heat. "So what do you do when you aren't doing your work like you should?" "Umm I hang out with friends, go shopping" SWAT "I hope you are learning a lesson why you need to be more focused."
"I am." SWAT

"Are you really?"

"Yes...Yes? Yes...sir?"

"Yes sir, yes Sir!"
I proceeded to spank her bare bottom until she was hopping a bit on my lap and the red was darkening. It was time for a break so I told her to stand. Ally popped right up as asked. "Are you OK?" " Yeah I am." I could tell it was an experience for her but she was doing fine. “OK come with me”. I led her to the corner of the room. Her shoes had stayed on so her jeans and panties were bunched around her ankles, making the walk take longer than usual. “Stand there and think for a moment. "Hands on your head", I scolded. Her hands went where they were directed.

“OK come back over here.”

I put her back over my knee and spanked her bare bottom again until the redness came back strongly. She is a fair skinned girl and colored up nicely but I didn't want to overdue it. After a couple more hard ones in quick succession I could hear her gasping a little and thought I heard a sniffle or two. I scolded Ally some more about her conduct and she agreed there was a time and place for everything. "Do you think you can learn to manage your time?" "Yeah I can” SWAT… “Yes sir? “Yes...yes sir!”
I gave her a few hard ones. “I'm sorry...I didn't mean to be disrespectful.” Swat “I just forgot! Swat “Really?” “Yes sir, really!” I could tell she was telling the truth. It was her first spanking after all and it was getting intense.

I sent her back to the corner.

This time I didn't need to tell her where to put her hands. I inspected the damage...her bottom was quite red and there were a few marks, but nothing severe. “Ally, tell me what you're doing.” “I'm standing in the corner because I got punished for not taking school seriously enough and not doing enough.” “And you're learning what happens to naughty girls.” “Yes.....sir.” I looked at her bottom again. She was close to having enough, but I didn't want to disappoint her.
“OK young lady come over here. Did you bring your hairbrush like I asked?” She did. Ally reached into her purse and brought out a large, flat backed hairbrush.
She watched as I slapped it into my palm. “So you had self spanked with this?” “Yeah a little but I didn't get much out of it.”

“Let’s see how it feels when used for real.”
Was that an audible gulp I heard?
I put her back over my knee and waited a moment. I rubbed the brush across her cheeks and..
smack! I used the brush up and down both cheeks and really spread them around. I paused and then gave her several sharp ones in quick succession. This really drew a reaction from her and she let me know she couldn’t take much more. I looked down and saw even redness across both cheeks. I didn't want to go too far for a first time so I gave her just a few more light ones.

After a couple more minutes in the corner I took her back OTK and we discussed how next semester would be different as I gave her a few light swats. This was more of a cool down than a real spanking at this point. It also gave me a chance to inspect the condition of her bottom and makesure no long lasting marks would be left. I let her stand and re-dress.
We sat and talked a few minutes and she said it was a positive first experience...that she felt better.
I predict more spankings in Ally’s future.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Do you think people even bother to read this blog anymore?

munchkin said...

When was Part 1 again? Like 1992 or something? How are we supposed to remember who these people are and what happened?

Publikk said...

What harshness...You both deserve spankings!

Jai said...

Hahaha at Kat and Munchkin...I was thinking the same thing!
It's a devious ploy to get us to read back into his away! ;-)

Share Spanking Videos said...

Uff, the video not found anymore. Thks for sharing.