Friday, February 3, 2012

Robot Spanking

Not a  'proper' spanking by any means but it still found this interesting...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Time for Wasting Time...Part 2

I pulled Ally's panties down to her knees and surveyed the damage. Her bottom was turning a nice uniform red, but no real bruises. I began spanking lightly again and filled in the white spaces. After a few more hard ones to wake her up I could start to feel the heat. "So what do you do when you aren't doing your work like you should?" "Umm I hang out with friends, go shopping" SWAT "I hope you are learning a lesson why you need to be more focused."
"I am." SWAT

"Are you really?"

"Yes...Yes? Yes...sir?"

"Yes sir, yes Sir!"
I proceeded to spank her bare bottom until she was hopping a bit on my lap and the red was darkening. It was time for a break so I told her to stand. Ally popped right up as asked. "Are you OK?" " Yeah I am." I could tell it was an experience for her but she was doing fine. “OK come with me”. I led her to the corner of the room. Her shoes had stayed on so her jeans and panties were bunched around her ankles, making the walk take longer than usual. “Stand there and think for a moment. "Hands on your head", I scolded. Her hands went where they were directed.

“OK come back over here.”

I put her back over my knee and spanked her bare bottom again until the redness came back strongly. She is a fair skinned girl and colored up nicely but I didn't want to overdue it. After a couple more hard ones in quick succession I could hear her gasping a little and thought I heard a sniffle or two. I scolded Ally some more about her conduct and she agreed there was a time and place for everything. "Do you think you can learn to manage your time?" "Yeah I can” SWAT… “Yes sir? “Yes...yes sir!”
I gave her a few hard ones. “I'm sorry...I didn't mean to be disrespectful.” Swat “I just forgot! Swat “Really?” “Yes sir, really!” I could tell she was telling the truth. It was her first spanking after all and it was getting intense.

I sent her back to the corner.

This time I didn't need to tell her where to put her hands. I inspected the damage...her bottom was quite red and there were a few marks, but nothing severe. “Ally, tell me what you're doing.” “I'm standing in the corner because I got punished for not taking school seriously enough and not doing enough.” “And you're learning what happens to naughty girls.” “Yes.....sir.” I looked at her bottom again. She was close to having enough, but I didn't want to disappoint her.
“OK young lady come over here. Did you bring your hairbrush like I asked?” She did. Ally reached into her purse and brought out a large, flat backed hairbrush.
She watched as I slapped it into my palm. “So you had self spanked with this?” “Yeah a little but I didn't get much out of it.”

“Let’s see how it feels when used for real.”
Was that an audible gulp I heard?
I put her back over my knee and waited a moment. I rubbed the brush across her cheeks and..
smack! I used the brush up and down both cheeks and really spread them around. I paused and then gave her several sharp ones in quick succession. This really drew a reaction from her and she let me know she couldn’t take much more. I looked down and saw even redness across both cheeks. I didn't want to go too far for a first time so I gave her just a few more light ones.

After a couple more minutes in the corner I took her back OTK and we discussed how next semester would be different as I gave her a few light swats. This was more of a cool down than a real spanking at this point. It also gave me a chance to inspect the condition of her bottom and makesure no long lasting marks would be left. I let her stand and re-dress.
We sat and talked a few minutes and she said it was a positive first experience...that she felt better.
I predict more spankings in Ally’s future.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Story...First Time for Wasting Time

I recently had the chance to meet with a girl named Ally, a college student in her early 20’s. She had been thinking about being spanked for a few years but had never actually had a spanking. Over the course of several emails we discussed our general feelings about how a spanking should go and her reasons for deserving one.

Ally informed me that she had not been taking her studies seriously enough and not trying hard enough on her assignments. She had not maintained her grades this semester as well as she should have and though she wasn’t failing anything, there was room for improvement. We both agreed that a sound spanking would do her some good and would answer some of her curiosity about actually being spanked.

Overall we were on the same page so after establishing some basic parameters, we decided to meet. Towards the end of the email discussion she asked if she should bring anything along, like a hairbrush. I agreed that was a good idea and requested she bring along her brush to her impending date with my lap.

I began by looking Ally in the eye and I asked her how she was doing in school and why she had not been trying as she should have. She couldn't give me a good answer other than saying should knew she should have been trying harder. "I think a good sound spanking would get your attention and set you straight, get you on the right track for next semester" "Yeah, you're probably right" I asked if she had any good reason I shouldn't take her over my knee for a good sound spanking. She didn't.

I sat down on a small padded Ottoman in my hotel room. There was no straight backed chair available so this was the next best thing. I called Ally over to me and told her to lie down over my knee. Without much hesitation she slowly lowered herself onto my lap. I gave her a moment to steady herself and to get used to being in this position. I placed my left hand on her hip and made sure she was stable. “Are you ready to begin?” “Yes”. I began slowly with light swats to the seat of her tight jeans. Ally had never been spanked so I really wanted to start lightly and ease her into it. After a few minutes I increased the intensity a little but not too much. I got the sense she was a little disappointed that it was starting so lightly. I think a lot of first time spankees think it should start to burn immediately like you read in stories but I think it's better to err on the side of caution.

I gave her a few solid swats that made her move a little bit and I think she was startled a little bit by the change. I began to alternate between flurries of harder swats and a pattern of lighter smacks, spreading them all around.

"I hope you're starting to feel this, young lady". "Yes I can". Once I had warmed up her jeans I asked her to stand. "OK, it's time for the jeans to come down." She undid her pants and pushed them down… slowly. She no doubt knew this was coming, but this was a new experience for her.

"OK , back over my knee", I said and she settled back into place. In her bent over position her panties covered about 2/3 of each cheek. I could see a gentle redness peeking out on her lower cheeks and I went back to work. These swats were a little harder and I could tell I was beginning to get through. "Are you starting to see why you should try harder?" "Yes, Yes I am." I swatted some more and stopped. "I think we are getting somewhere, but a proper spanking has to be on the bare bottom."

More to come...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Like Spanking Fiction?

Do you like to read spanking ebooks but hate getting one that is not exactly your cup of tea? My friend Katerina has put together a review site so you have a better idea what you're buying before you download it.
I think that is a neat idea so I have added her link to my Blogs of Interest section.

Friday, July 1, 2011

OTK Before Work Part 2

I called Lilly back over to the chair. I had the black leather paddle in my hand and I noticed her intentionally look away from it. I put her back over my knee. Once properly positioned I Smacked her soundly with the leather paddle all over the target area. This paddle left a nice even redness and even though I could tell it stung, it's not an overly harsh implement. Very good for building the heat in a naughty girl's posterior but not overly mean if not used extremely hard.

After a few zingers right at the base of her bottom I figured this was a good time to talk.
"So tell me the last time you properly cleaned the apartment." "Well,I cleaned some over the weekend." Smack.."some"? I left the paddle resting on her bottom. "Yes, some" "Could you have done more with your time". "I suppose.." smack smack smack, "Yes sir! I could have." "why didn't you?" " I just got busy with other stuff" smack smack "important stuff?" "Important to me anyway" smack smack. "I don't think this is a good time to get cute" Lilly was in no position to argue. "You're right sir, not that important, I should have done more." I stopped for a moment and discussed it further. "I'm not saying you have to spend all weekend slaving away." " I know you're not" "Glad you agree. So what are your plans this Saturday?"

"I have a gaming event from 1 to 5 PM then I don't know." smack smack smack "You don't know?" "Umm then I can clean?" "Good answer. I think that is a good balance. " "Yes, you're probably right." " So gaming until 5 then get right off the computer and start cleaning." pause. "Right?" I punctuated the question with a loud smack. "Yes sir, I will." "You better because I'll be asking. And if you don't, do you know what will happen?" "Yes, I know." "Which is?". She paused a moment before answering..."umm this". smack smack smack. "What will happen?" SMACK SMACK " I'll get another spanking!" The last few sharp ones illicited the response I was seeking.

After a few more minutes in the corner I picked up the rubber strap known as the red meanie. This is a small rubber strap I got at a spanking party (watch the Tools of the Trade). It doesn't need to be used very hard, usually.

Lilly's bottom was bright red at this point so she didn't need much more. I Rubbed her bottom for a moment and gave her 4 or 5 with the strap. This had her bucking a little bit and she became more verbal.. "Ouch, ooh, I hate this thing" . I stopped and let her settle down. "Now about this attitude at work." "It's getting better I promise" She was about to promise anything it seemed. "It better improve, young lady. Just because other people are being idiots doesn't mean you have to retaliate." " I know but it's hard not to." smack smack "Is it easier to get punished for it?" "No, sir...I'll try harder." "See that you do." "I can't help it if I mutter under my breath sometimes." "As long as it's not audible and makes you look unprofessional, then I know you have to let off steam somehow." "I understand" I gave her a few more with the meanie and set it down. Her bottom was almost glowing and warm to the touch. "OK, back to the corner."

After a few moments to cool down I released her from the corner. We talked for a while and all was OK though she did wince a little pulling up her jeans. "So what about those lines?' "Oh um...they're in the car. " "Good, you'd hate it if you had to re-do them right now. Lilly looked like she was going to say something but just went out to the car to get them. Due to our schedules we can't meet a lot and a month or so earlier her attitude was out of control. Even she admitted that. She really needed a spanking that day, but it was not to be so I gave her a small writing assignment to help her focus on not blowing her top.

'I am being punished for not keeping my attitude in check' due by the end of that upcoming weekend. She assured me all 50 were done but this was the first time I had seen her to collect them. She brought them in and I looked them over. They were all done as directed and fairly neatly too. "I am glad you brought them without being reminded." "Well I wanted credit for them!" she said with an impish grin. "Yeah, full I am sure you didn't want to pay the price right now for not following directions." "No I don't, whatever that would be...and I'm sure I don't want to know either!

We both chuckled and I gave her a hug before sending her off to work on a sore bottom.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Story: OTK Before Work

OTK Before Work

Lilly is a girl I have been chatting with on and off for a few years. She had a disciplinarian in the past and it helped her a lot. Now she was seeking this again. We don't get a chance to actually meet very often due to our schedules so we had enacted a few rules for her on an online basis. After a long time of chatting and talking between meetings, it was time to lay down the law.

Lilly arrived at my house before work one day. We talked for a while then I got down to business.

"It seems that you still cannot manage to get to bed at a decent time, eh?" "Ummm, usually no...but not always" she said hopefully. "Yes but the overall trend is poor isn't it, young lady?" "Yes, you're right." "No wonder you're so tired at work when you stay up all night playing computer games." "Yeah, it doesn't help" she said quietly. "Well I know something that might just help....a good sound spanking over my knee like you deserve." " Lilly stayed silent, she had no good counter to my argument. "OK time for you to learn a lesson....again."

I sat down on my wooden straight backed chair. It is the perfect venue for an OTK spanking and, to be honest, I got the chair with this use in mind. I took her over my knee. Lilly is a little shorter than me so with her bottom upturned, her toes were just touching the floor. "You are long over due for this" I stated. smack. I began to lightly pepper the seat of her jeans by hand. I spread the spanks around and once I had laid down a pretty good base of heat I stepped up the intensity a notch. These spanks were sinking in, I could tell. "Are you starting to remember what a spanking feels like?" "Yes, I am" SMACK "Yes sir.?" "Yes sir, I am." Lilly is pretty good about being respectful in this position, but sometimes needs a reminder.

I gave her a few hard ones to increase the heat and told her to stand. "OK, time for these to come down.". She just nodded and kicked off her sandals. The jeans came down and I pulled her over my lap again. I rubbed her panties a few times and started in again...smack "Maybe you're starting to feel these more." "Oh yes....yes, sir I am." I gave her a thorough panty-warming. When I was satisfied with the shade of red poking out from underneath her bikini underwear, I hesitated a moment before tugging them down. She wiggled a little bit. Lilly was not completely surprised they were coming down, but I don't know if she was prepared for that moment. I Looked over her bare bottom and took note of where the redness was most prominent. Now it's time for the real lesson to begin.

I spanked moderately at first, spreading the spanks around and making sure all areas got some of the heat-filled attention. "I really hope this is starting to sink in, young lady." "Oooh it is! I promise" I said I hoped so and gave her several sharp spanks that made her jump. I could hear the smacks echo off the walls as I set her tush afire with my palm. "Are you going to do better on gaming all night and not getting your sleep?" "yes...oooh yes I will". A gave her a few hard ones and stood her up. "OK, come over to the wall and think about it". I sat back and watched her in the corner for a moment with her hands on her head and red butt on display. Lilly fidgeted slightly in the corner. I don't know if was because of the heat in her backside or the promise of more to come...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tools of The Trade XIX

This is my new round rubber paddle. It's about 1/4 inch thick and covers about 1/2 the average butt cheek. I know that's not a very scientific measurement but it's just about right IMO.

This one combines the stinginess of rubber but is thick enough to have some thud as well. I have not had a chance to use this one very much as yet; but so far the results have been very effective. Rubber doesn't seem to bruise as much as a wooden implement but it still packs a good wallop. Girls tend to really squirm with something like this.

For some reason I have become pretty interested in rubber implements and just had to add this one to the arsenal. Hopefully I will be able to do some proper research on its use in the near future!